La Boucherie, 90 Locations Worldwide

This is my last post until I get settled in Germany.  Friday, we will be taking an enormous rental car to Strasbourg, grab Jade and continue on to Stuttgart.

Wandering around today trying to avoid filling up suitcases, my husband and I stumbled upon a new chain restaurant on the outskirts of Sens.   La Boucherie claims to have 90 locations worldwide.  Has anyone seen this restaurant outside of France?  Martinique doesn’t count.  Not intending to eat in another bad chain restaurant, we just went over to look at the menu.  They had marrow bones!  We snagged a table.

I loved it that the cow logo was on everything.  No pretensions to elegance here.  “Eat beef and enjoy, I love it myself!”, this cow seems to say.

All the beef here comes from the Limousin cow and the beef strips were firm, yet juicy and flavorful.  My husband marveled that the salad greens were fresh and missing those black spots that denote the kind of aged lettuce one usually finds in chain restaurants.

This bacon cheese hamburger was sandwiched between 2 crispy potato patties.  Different.

This food was okay in a modified French brasserie kind of way.  The marrow bones were stupendous!

See you in Germany!

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  1. You know how meat isn’t big in this house! However, marrow bones are a real favourite of mine. Have a good trip to Stuttgart and I hope you have as much fun in Germany as you’ve had in France. That might be an oxymoron – tell me when you know:)

  2. It seems like I’ve been commenting your posts a lot lately but that’s because I’m sooo intrigued by your blog. Absolutely can’t wait to hear about your culinary adventures in Stuttgart. Make sure to visit a so-called ‘Besenwirtschaft’ while you’re there, they’re temporary restaurants that only open during the wine harvest. You’ll get some excellent regional food and wine there. Google ‘Besenwirtschaft Stuttgart’.

  3. What an interesting idea for the hamburger instead of buns. I may have to try that. The portions looked better as well! 🙂

  4. Good luck in Germany!

    I understand about the chain restaurants. We drove across the U.S. a few years ago and decided after our first nightmare chain to never eat in another. While we ate in some crazy places in the small towns out west, the food was always better than the chains and the restaurants were loaded with character. One of our favorites was a decrepit old diner with stuffing coming out of the chair seats that had great food and wonderful people — almost all wearing cowboy hats. You just don’t get that at McDs 🙂

  5. Conor Bofin says:

    The marrow bones look fantastic. I found myself staring in a butcher’s window this afternoon on my way back from a meeting. They were selling beef shins. I have not seen them in a long time. The marrow bones would be the shin bones, I guess. Time to get plotting.
    Enjoy the trip. I look forward to seeing you get the very best out of German food.
    Travel safely,

  6. I hope the move goes well. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll be cooking once you get there!

  7. Mad Dog says:

    Did they have a list of the 90 locations?
    The bone marrow looks very good. I like the cow logo, but it does make la Boucherie look American. Burgers don’t do much for me but the potato patties look excellent.
    Good luck with your move. I’m currently thinking of going to Germany myself, though just for a holiday 😉

  8. Paula says:

    My boyf and I have been two times at La boucherie (Nants et Perigueux), and I think that, being a chain, you don’t eat so bad 😉

    The idea of the potato patties as a “burger bread” sounds good 😉

  9. The marrow bones look amazing!

  10. rsmacaalay says:

    That marrow looks interesting, we eat them too but in a soup

  11. ceciliag says:

    An hash brown hamburger.. i am so stupid, why did I never think of that! I love that idea.. c

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