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Spareribs with German Barbecue Sauce and Market Cherry Tomatoes

Now this is what I like to see!  Room service delivered up some succulent spareribs with a not too sweet barbecue sauce that included whole green peppercorns.  I’ve never had that before!  I’ll have to try adding peppercorns to my … Continue reading

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I swear to God, this is going to be my last complaint until I get into a house and am sure I hate it here.  Sunshine and light after this post, I promise. Tonight we went into a little pub … Continue reading

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I miss my little French town, Sens.  If you wanted a coffee, all you would have to say is, “I’ll have a coffee” and that was that.  It came with a cube of sugar, in a tiny cup with chocolate … Continue reading

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Stuttgart, Germany

Well, I finally made it to Stuttgart.  I’m on the 5th floor of the Dormero Hotel, one of those ugly, 4 star, monstrosities that abound in large industrial cities. I’m not really a city girl and Stuttgart is not as pretty … Continue reading

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La Boucherie, 90 Locations Worldwide

This is my last post until I get settled in Germany.  Friday, we will be taking an enormous rental car to Strasbourg, grab Jade and continue on to Stuttgart. Wandering around today trying to avoid filling up suitcases, my husband … Continue reading

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Sunday Roesti et al in Strasbourg

One last hedonistic day in Strasbourg.  Roesti from the Alsace is a mega-casserole made with hash browns and various toppings.  Very, very filling.  I’m going to make this but reduce the hash browns by half.  I know I’m supposed to … Continue reading

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Salmon and Marinated Shrimp Salad for Bento

Good news!  My husband just got promoted to the Foreign Service equivalent of a 2 star General!  So proud of him.  Of course I’ve always known he was superior 🙂  Jade and I will finally join the officer and gentleman … Continue reading

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Garden Herb Duck Breast with Roasted Pumpkin

Remember my little pumpkin? As I dashed in and out of the house, to and fro to Strasbourg, it was hard to forget.  So orange!  However, it was starting to resemble a piece of furniture.  Off with it’s head! I … Continue reading

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Eating Around: Tung Yuen, Strasbourg

Really, there’s only so much heavy, pork and carbohydrate overkill Alsatian food that you can eat when it’s 34 degrees (Celsius, Roger) outside.  Jade, of course, had to have one more ham hock before she went back to school, but … Continue reading

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On The Road Again

A noisette of lamb is the filet mignon portion.  Racing through the store, trying to find something for my train bento tomorrow, I lucked up on some lamb noisettes.  They are very nice 🙂  I also grabbed some marinated shrimp, … Continue reading

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