Spicy Boudin Noir Tartine with Pears and Epoisses Cheese

We went to Paris yesterday.   The plan was to check out a well recommended hair salon on the Champs Elysee, make an appointment for next week, visit the cool kitchen shop where I bought my black fork, knife and spoon, and then have a leisurely lunch at a “chichi” restaurant with the appropriate summer rose wine.  We did taxi over to the Champs Elysee from the train station but after that, our plans went awry.

“Hair-snatched” by the American salon owner, we spent 5 hours at the salon doing way too much to our hair.  Ravenously hungry.   There was coffee, tea and cranberry juice but that cuts no ice with Jade.  Good thing she had a decadent chocolate beignet before we went into the salon.  The picture is a little fuzzy because she wouldn’t stop eating it while I took the picture.  Still it kept her from passing out during the beautification ordeal.

Finally, at 6 p.m. we found ourselves on the tourist packed sidewalks of the Champs Elysee, really hungry, but needing to get to the train station before the express train to Sens stopped running.  Years ago, we learned to avoid the plethora of restaurants on the Champs Elysee; they are made for tourists and very little fresh food is involved or, indeed, needed to satisfy the hoards of tour group visitors.  But yesterday it was eat or get on the train hungry.  With negative expectations, we crossed the street and walked into the first sidewalk restaurant we saw.  It was Italian-like.  I didn’t bother to look at the name.

You have to ask yourself, where did the corporation manage to find these pale, tasteless tomatoes during this bountiful French tomato season?  We split the mozzarella tomato salad with little enthusiasm.  Hello!  Basil?  I don’t want to talk about the “Chianti”.

I ordered the fritto misto that came with an ancient tartar sauce, the top layered with an aged yellow skin and some stuck to the sides of the serving bowl.  I ate the “fish” like potato chips and avoided the suspicious mound of red rice.  You know those bags of pre-breaded seafood you can find in the frozen sections of supermarkets, made for people who don’t really like the taste of fresh seafood?  Voila!

Jade had a cheeseburger with real ground beef.  I tasted it and it was good, although there was a strange breaded object on the plate and a bizarre sauce that she tasted and rejected.  Why was the cheese hamburger the best thing in this Italian themed restaurant?  Trying to avoid an international incident with the Americans?  Who knows? Anyway, dessert was out of the question.

And that’s why, in order to recover from our dining disappointment of yesterday, I made one of our favorites, a tartine of boudin noir 🙂

Spicy Boudin Noir Tartine with Pears and Epoisses Cheese

2 slices of country bread

Epoisses cheese, thick sliced

1 pear, cored and sliced into rings

1 spicy boudin noir link, sliced

Put a couple of slices of the Epoisses on the bread and top with first the pear rings and then the boudin slices.   Broil until the cheese melts.

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29 Responses to Spicy Boudin Noir Tartine with Pears and Epoisses Cheese

  1. There’s no question that the Champs Elysee is packed with dreadful places to eat. It’s the nightmare of timing eating against a train timetable. I loved the boudin noir tartine.

  2. Looks really lovely, Rosemary :D.

  3. That Boudin Noir Tartine is a wonderful riposte to a truly awful meal. 3 of may favourite things in one meal 🙂
    Did you complain about the meal in Paris? I think I would have!

    • Thank you Marcus. If you choose to eat on the Champs Elysee, you get what you deserve. We weren’t surprised at the meal, just appalled that so many find these restaurants acceptable and are willing to pay such outrageous prices for garbage.

  4. Jon says:

    Excellent tartine! stomach growling…

  5. Oh my gosh I am SO hungry after looking at this! Beautiful food, wonderful settings, thanks so much for sharing

  6. Boo to the Champs Elysees and hurrah to the boudin noir tartine!

  7. Mad Dog says:

    It is incredible and I can corroborate – the Champs Elysees is a dreadful place for food. It’s very sad that a world food centre has restaurants with absolutely no regard for cuisine. The whole of Paris can be hit or miss and the general attitude can be take it or leave it. Mon dieu!
    Great to see you made up for it with the boudin noir 😉

  8. Tessa says:

    Another example why the food is always better at Mom’s house :).

  9. Conor Bofin says:

    We ate there once a few years ago. Sadly, it is more about being seen than about the food. Such is the show that is the Champs. Just back in Dublin after a couple of weeks near Perpignan. I enjoyed some Epoisses while there. I like to eat it with a spoon or on very fresh bread. The Wife gives out about the “aroma”. Great stuff.

  10. You must have been starving! I’m sure that you both looked beautiful though. Hurrah for boudin noir and Époisses!

    • If we weren’t so hungry, we would have taken the taxi straight to the train station. The hairdresser was wonderful! We’ll go back but next time I’ll pack two bento boxes.

      • Ooooh! I remember the last bento box you made for Jade. That sounds like a great way to prepare!

        Hopefully, you will be able to make up for lost time when you are in Paris next 🙂

  11. Karen says:

    We always stay right off the Champs Elysee when staying in Paris but have been fortunate enough to find nice restaurants in the area. Can’t believe you had such a terrible meal. Your taratine must have been very enjoyable.

    • Lucky you Karen. Years back, we even tried cutting down the side streets but we finally just gave up on the area. Give me some of your addresses, I’m willing to give it a try.

  12. This is just too much of a coincidence. I too spent five hours at the salon this week. Oh wait, it was five minutes. Lovely photos. Still jealous of your access to black pudding.

  13. rsmacaalay says:

    Sad to hear about that bad experience on the fritto misto, usually thats what I want to order when I see one. Fried + seafood = awesome for me. But yes once done wrong then it will be a really bad experience.

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