Cruisin’ On a Sunday Afternoon: Sens, France

Today, with the fabulous weather we didn’t want to stay inside, so I decided not to cook and that we would go out to the Cathedral Restaurant for lunch.  This restaurant has never been a great restaurant but has always been “correct”.  Oh my God!  What happened?  The usually excellent salad with 3 types of salmon was visually fine but tasteless, as if it had been in the freezer, defrosted, microwaved and put on the plate.  Bleah!

The tournedo of duck had to be sent back because it was overcooked.  It’s probably hard to judge the “cuisson” in the microwave.  Double bleah!  What a disappointment 🙂  I realize that money is tight now in France and that they are not getting the clientele as before but really, there is a reputation to maintain.  What would M. Parret say?  I’m telling.

Jade’s pizza was fine and, unlike in the States, a size she could handle.  Even then, she brought some home.

Jade ordered the panna cotta for dessert and what a disappointment that was.  It’s like they just put in gelatin with a splash of cream.  Jade complained that it didn’t taste like mine and refused to finish it.  I thought this was a good opportunity to point out that it’s always better at Mom’s house 🙂  But really it was almost nasty.

I ordered the Cafe Gourmand, which is usually good here, but it seemed as if they had watered down everything, including the fruits that are in season.  Triple bleah!  The coffee was good but except for the macaroon, we left the rest sitting on the table.

Anyway, still not ready to go inside, we stopped into the Tete de Veau, a bar restaurant not far from our house (nothing is).  When my husband is in town, we really like having a coffee or a glass of wine here because this is a laid back place for random people gazing.

Pretty much, no one is shy here and they don’t mind the intrusion of the camera.  In fact, there’s a sort of enthusiasm 🙂

This friendly dog definitely wanted to “make the scene”.

Because our house is so close and Jade wanted to take some pictures of Jade, she went home to change.  Jade had bought some fashion accessories during the week and because the streets were pretty empty, decided that this was the time to “do Jade”.  The following pictures are taken by Jade outside of our favorite fishmonger, L’Ambiance des Halles.

She had some help from the Tete de Veau clientele.

Fun day!

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28 Responses to Cruisin’ On a Sunday Afternoon: Sens, France

  1. Shame about the meal but it sounds like a fun day. Jade is such a beauty!

  2. Love the photos of Jade.. my favorite are the last two!! The food even looked bad in your photos.. your outstanding photography skills couldn’t save that meal! Food is always better at Mom’s:D

  3. Your daughter is photogenic, but I have to say those two handsome gents almost steal the show. I love the light lunch especially. Great day!

  4. Spoon Feast says:

    It is always disappointing to be served a poor meal. There is no excuse.
    Jade is a beauty! Love the last photo, looks like lots of fun!

  5. Even though you said the panna cotta wasn’t good, it still looked it!!

    • Pretty is not necessary as pretty does. It’s possible to make something that doesn’t taste good, still look good. Thank you for your comment on my photography 😀

  6. Tessa says:

    Great photos! I agree that food is always better at Mom’s house :).

  7. Mad Dog says:

    I’m very glad to hear you’ve taken that restaurant off your list – it’s good to be able to do better at home, but nice to have something lovely cooked for you, so a great shame. That last picture (the three shot) is excellent 😉

  8. ceciliag says:

    That last shot is hysterical.(agreeing with Mad as usual) certainly makes up for the hum drum food!.. c

  9. That’s the majority of provincial French restaurants for you. Pretty much the same throughout France. I think you caught those dudes just before they stepped on the train to MadPlace – luckily for you.

  10. ambrosiana says:

    Yesterday we tried out a new place in our neighborhood. It is an America restaurant with burgers and Tex Mex food. We got over fried onion rings and lousy burgers. I told my husband: what does it take to make a good burger? Is it really so hard??? I was so frustrated!!!

    • That’s those chain restaurants for you. They are terrible in the States and terrible overseas! I hate it that that’s the image of American food we are exporting.

      • ambrosiana says:

        Actually, in Italy they love American food and there are some good American chain restaurants. We wanted to try this new place but we were not lucky!!

  11. Oh, that must have been disappointing about the meal at the Cathedral Restaurant! Glad it was saved by good times at Tête de Veau. Looks like Jade is having a lot of fun. Love the hat!

  12. I am really surprised that the food was so disappointing at the restaurant 🙁 I love your photos – you really captured the characters!

    • Unfortunately, because of costs, we’ll probably being seeing more of this “fast food” cooking at restaurants here in France and less of the traditional market fresh plates 🙁

  13. Karista says:

    What a darling daughter you have! She reminds me of my two girls who love to put on their new purchases and play with the camera. 🙂 Fun post!

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