Lunch At The Holiday Inn


Because our elegant Best Western hotel doesn’t have a restaurant, nor an ATM for that matter, and I am totally intimidated by the D.C. area traffic which leaves me carless until my husband arrives, Jade and I were obliged to seek food and dollars at the Holiday Inn across the street. I’m going to have to assume that my darling husband, no more than I, didn’t know the difference between these hotels. The bus loads at the Holiday Inn were wearing designer shorts and tees and looking pretty energetic after their hot, made to order breakfast.



The restaurant at the Holiday Inn is a TGIF Friday's type, green motif, circular bar, and most everything served in an over flowing basket; sandwiches, burgers with onion rings, fries or both, big pickle wedge, coleslaw and quarter pound buns. It's called O'Malley's Pub.


The waitress was concerned when Jade insisted on a bloody hamburger. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t. A little dry, but really big. I had a “crab cake”.


Our server recommended the brownie ice cream sandwich; a block of vanilla ice cream, between two giant brownies, sprinkled with Oreo cookies and topped with whipped cream. Appalled, I persuaded Jade into having the apple dumpling instead. Lord have mercy!

I am an American and proud of it! That’s why I promise not to complain about the food for my entire stay. I’m sure when my husband arrives with the car, things will get better. Plane just landed 🙂

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  1. Mad Dog says:

    O’Malley’s – just like a quaint Dublin pub – not!
    Seriously htough, I love America and have had amazing food there, so I know it’s not all burgers. I’ve also been to unbelievably good farmers’ markets and coop whole food stores in the US. I’m sure the idea for those markets, now very popular on the UK, originated in America 😉

  2. What a thoroughly American meal. Love those onion rings.

  3. putneyfarm says:

    Your cooking looks and sounds (and surely tastes) better..;-)

  4. MixerUpper says:

    At least you got alcohol…

  5. Michelle says:

    Too funny. Love the napkin fold in the top photo. Keep ’em coming!

  6. Being less than thrilled with food of questionable origin and constructed with questionable ingredients does not make you unpatriotic. The better I cook, the more my knowledge of food increases, I become more and more skeptical of chain/too easily accessible food. I think preferring local, organic food is more patriotic than anything else.

  7. Karista says:

    Fabulous post! You had me laughing til my eyes teared up. I hope you enjoy your stay and find appetizing cuisine!

  8. I know you´ll track down the best of everything and I look forward to hearing about it!

  9. Karen says:

    Enjoy your stay, as I know things will get better once you three are all together and have a car. I know you are anxious to see your new home.

  10. wow look so delicious how i wish i could eat that.. thanks for that recipes cooking… it makes me fine even i did not eat that so far//

  11. Boy you are really making the culinary rounds so far on your stay in America, LOL! Can’t wait to hear about the butcher near your new home.

  12. Daoulé says:

    Yummi, I love American food …I am dying for hot dogs, burgers & onion rings & Oreossss !!!

  13. baconbiscuit212 says:

    Aw! It’s okay to complain about the foid because I don’t think it has that much todo with being American. Most chain restaurant food, or hotel chain dining in any country is sad.

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