Father’s Day One Skillet Breakfast

I woke up this morning thinking about my husband and what an outstanding husband and father he is.  Our separation is finally coming to an end.  He will be leaving South Sudan in August to take up a new post in Stuttgart, Germany.  Yeah, buddy!

My husband loves breakfast better than any other meal of the day and I was feeling bad that all he has in South Sudan is bacon, one step from rancid, eggs that float and truly ugly bread with, I can barely say it, margarine.  The kind that is actually colored grease and comes in a can.  Bleah.

That’s why I made this breakfast for him this morning.  My husband likes his eggs liberally peppered and cooked in the same pan as the bacon so that little charred bits of bacon adhere to the eggs.  He won’t be able to eat it but he can look at the picture and know that I love him, am thinking about him and that he’ll be eating from my kitchen soon.

One Skillet Breakfast

3 slices of cured and grilled pork belly http://atomic-temporary-17826715.wpcomstaging.com/2012/06/09/cured-pork-carbonnade-sandwiches-with-rosemary-garlic-mayonnaise/

1 tbsp butter

2 eggs

Black pepper

3 tomato thick tomato slices

Fry the pork slices in the butter until brown, then push to the side.  Break the eggs into the pan and sprinkle liberally with black pepper.  Add the tomato slices to the pan when the eggs are half way cooked to desired doneness, turning them once or twice to brown.

Serve with 2 thick slices of toasted and buttered country bread.

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34 Responses to Father’s Day One Skillet Breakfast

  1. He’s a very lucky chap to come home to you, and such a wonderful breakfast. I understand a little as I work away from home too (but not for as long as he does). Great news that you are soon to be reunited.
    That bacon looks perfectl and thickly cut and the eggs just how I like them too.

  2. Conor Bofin says:

    Lovely looking bacon. For Fathers Day, I will be doing the cooking. My girls call it Hallmark Day and refuse to recognise it. Such is life in this house. On the up side, I am cooking a lamb tagine. More of that in a later post ( I am well ahead of myself at present).

    • Happy Father’s Day Conor. It’s not just a Hallmark Day, it’s a day to honor our fathers. Wasn’t there a movie like that? Irish? I think I saw it in Ireland or maybe Thailand. Anyway, your lamb tajine sounds exciting.

  3. Yum. I love a ggod “fry up”.

  4. That is a serious father’s day treat – hope one like it comes my way:)

  5. MixerUpper says:

    That’s sweet. Bet your husband can’t wait to have the real deal, even though the photo is lovely. 😉

    Will you be changing the name of your blog when you get to Germany?

  6. Your husband is lucky to have you! This is beautiful.

  7. How exciting to move on to Germany after such a fabulous experience in France. Oh, you are living the dream as far as I am concerned! I wish my husband (or I) could figure out a way to get some assignments like that.

  8. putneyfarm says:

    Great photos and your husband is lucky to get such great cooking at home…when at home..

  9. Mad Dog says:

    That definitely sounds like lucky husband day!

  10. It’s going to feel so good when the separation is over and you can finally enjoy this beautiful breakfast together.

    This looks great, Rosemary. Such a wonderful fry-up and beautiful fruit salad!

    Are you going to rename the blog when you move?

  11. I’m back! It feels good. that meat looks SO delicious – I had peppermint tea for breakfast 😀

  12. At first I thought you were going to have to rename your blog.. CookinginStuttgart:) What a lucky man to have a breakfast like this laid out.. a feast for sore eyes I’m certain! xoxo Smidge

  13. There is just something about tomatoes cooked that way. This is the perfect breakfast.

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