Mini Strawberry Trifles

I don’t know if the English version of the Saveurs magazine has the same recipes as the French version, but the June French issue has some delicious recipes.  I’ve never had trifle before and maybe this is not authentic but it is how I like my desserts; fresh, un-cakey and easy.  This one’s for you Frugal 🙂

Mini Strawberry Trifles

2 cups strawberries, stemmed and diced

2/3 cup mascarpone

1/3 cup cream

3 tbsp sugar

1 vanilla bean, seeds removed and hull discarded

18 small shortbread cookies

Mix the mascarpone, cream, sugar and vanilla seeds together.  Set aside.

Crumble 3 cookies each, in the bottom of 6 dessert glasses.  Top with a little of the mascarpone cream, then divide the strawberries among the glasses.  Top with the rest of the mascarpone cream and refrigerate or serve.

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26 Responses to Mini Strawberry Trifles

  1. Carine says:

    They do look good and fresh! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  2. Tessa says:

    What pretty little trifles!

  3. Karista says:

    Adorable! What a lovely idea for summer dining!

  4. Those looks really delicious and pretty for summer. I haven’t received my June issue of ‘Saveur’ yet….can’t wait to dive in and see where in the culinary world they will take us.

  5. Thank you Sarah. Let me know if the American edition is the same as the French. I’ll be trying several of the recipes for June.

  6. I like these kind of desserts and they look very nice on your blue-flowered cloth.

  7. Ahha! A dessert! In fairness – these look particularly good and I really would love one… Only you can pour one into another and make a super-trifle because I’m in need of a little more dessert than that… Lovely, Rosemary.

  8. These trifles look amazing. So simple, yet so delicious! Sometimes, when the ingredients are good, you just need to let them shine. I like the use of mascarpone too instead of whipped cream. Like deconstructed cheesecake!

  9. I love desserts that let the berries shine without too much fuss. This looks wonderful.

  10. Oooooooh, this looks so yummy! Tomorrow I’ll buy some strawberrys and mascarpone, I want to try it! Yummy! Looks mouth-watering! O_O ♥ Thank you very much for sharing this little recipe with us! Cheerio!

  11. kat says:

    These look cute! I love individual desserts!

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