Pho, Pho, Pho

My favorite thing about pho is the pairing of crunchy vegetable toppings with hot flavorful soup.  This was very good.  Thanks R.S.!

Unfortunately, I was unable to find fresh bean sprouts and had to use a jar of mixed Asian vegetables.  They weren’t bad but they were not fresh bean sprouts.  Still, we didn’t suffer 🙂

Okay, let’s continue if you’re following from yesterday.

Pho, take the broth from the refrigerator and warm it.

1 package of rice noodles, cooked

1 lb sirloin steak, sliced paper thin


Fresh bean sprouts

Spring onions, sliced

Red onion, sliced

Red chillies, sliced

Basil leaves

Coriander leaves

Place some noodles in each bowl and top with the steak slices.  When the broth is boiling hot, ladle over the noodles and steak.  Sprinkle with toppings and serve with lemon slices, fish and hoisin sauces.

Beverage suggestion:  Cold, draft beer

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37 Responses to Pho, Pho, Pho

  1. Phee, Phi, Pho, Phum or as giants were wont to say in Phairy stories ” Fee, Fi, Fo. Fum “:)

  2. Roger has said it all 😉

  3. griffinsgrub says:

    I am by no means an expert in Pho, butmy wife loves it. Its because of her I first tried it. I’m going to share this recipe with her and we’ll try and make it ourselves. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Villy says:

    I’m no expert so I can judge only what I see, and it looks great!

  5. chefconnie says:

    Very lovely. I think I need to make some Pho soon.

  6. ceciliag says:

    I have never made pho, in fact i need to learn more about vietnamese food.. it looks alarmingly healthy though! c

  7. Tessa says:


  8. Lauren says:

    Pho is my favorite food ever. I have to try to make it myself, now! Yours looks amazing!

    • Hi Lauren. The reason why I finally made it at home was because this recipe was not as complicated as many I’ve seen. Maybe it might not be absolutely authentic, but it is very good.

  9. Karen says:

    I wish I had a bowl of this now…it sounds terrific.

  10. I agree that putting the fresh herbs and vegetables into the hot soup is the best thing about pho.

  11. Beautiful, have never made it myself but am now craving it. And am chuckling over Roger´s comment 😉

  12. Very, very pretty indeed :). Silly Roger… 😀

  13. This looks wonderful, light yet flavorful. Just the perfect thing for spring! The thinly sliced steak was raw going on top of the noodles, right? Let the hot broth cook them? Looks really, really good.

  14. MixerUpper says:

    That looks pho-nominal!

  15. Oh, I cannot wait to try this!!! YUMMY! Thanks for posting!

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