Poached Egg with Grilled Vegetables

One of my neighbors, a die-hard bookophile, visited a village vide grenier this past weekend, finding a first edition, French dictionary printed in 1658!  He was so delighted!

Vide grenier means to empty the attic and is the French equivalent of a yard or garage sale.  Because Thierry knows how much I like different plates for my blog, he purchased the above plate for me.  Nice man.

Dazzled by Daisy’s poached egg with polenta and kale  http://coolcookstyle.com/2012/05/09/spicy-braised-kale-and-mushroom-topped-polenta-with-poached-goose-egg/, I decided to inaugurate the plate with a poached egg and leftover grilled vegetables.

Poached Egg with Grilled Vegetables

1/2 cup mixed grilled vegetables

1 tsp butter

1 egg

1 tsp vinegar

Briefly saute the vegetables in the butter, set aside and keep warm.  Poach the egg in water to cover with the vinegar, then place on top of the vegetables.

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23 Responses to Poached Egg with Grilled Vegetables

  1. Mad Dog says:

    They look lovely – are they hand painted?

  2. Now that’s a breakfast! Or lunch… or dinner or midnight snack.

  3. Ah, such a simple but delicious meal. How can people ever say they don’t know what to cook?

  4. I like the plate and it’s contents 🙂

  5. Tessa says:


  6. Wow! Looks great!

    What a beautiful plate! And that is amazing that he scored a 17th Century dictionary at the vide grenier! I wonder how old the plates are . . . They are really pretty.

    Thanks for the shout-out too! The poached egg looks beautiful perched on top of the vegetables!

  7. Karen says:

    Perfect for Sunday brunch!

  8. ceciliag says:

    how kind of him to bring you such a pretty plate, and oh i wish i could toddle along to those attic sales, I bet almost everything would be a treasure to me! I once found a dictionary that was printed in 17 something, UNDER a house in NZ. There were a pile of very old books, much much older than the house. wrapped in oilskin. I can only imagine that someone must have hidden them under there many years before to retrieve later and never did. I love dictionaries. c

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  10. Villy says:

    Every time you post something I think how lovely your plates are, and I have told you! This one is no exception. The poached egg also stole my heart..

  11. Gorgeous plate and gorgeous dish – I could eat that anytime and your egg looked absolutely perfect!

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