Wild Mediterranean Oysters with Lime Mayonnaise

Last night I had a hard time getting to sleep.  Something kept saying, “Hello! Fish!”  I think my body was rebelling against the hearty, meaty diet I sustained in Alsace.  In any case, it was a day to make a visit to the fishmonger.

Of course when I arrived, greed overcame need as it usually does.  So many good things, so little time!  In addition to the oysters, I bought some beautiful hake fillets and some salmon for later consumption.

As I was taking the oysters from the jar to rinse, I thought about how good life can be when you’ve found a cheerful, accomodating oyster shucker in France.  I like fried oysters but I have never shucked an oyster in my life, nor have I had the desire.  Yes, I purchased the knife but I was temporarily mind snatched in the supermarket.  When I got it home, I couldn’t believe myself!  My mother bought them in jars and what was good enough for her, except for the vegetables, is good enough for me!

Jade and I decided that lime mayonnaise would tame these wild, wild oysters.


Gratuitous shot of miscellaneous place settings I bought in Alsace.

Wild Mediterranean Oysters with Lime Mayonnaise

1/2 cup mayonnaise

2 tsp garlic flavored chilli, rooster on the front of the jar

Juice of 1 lime

30 oysters, shucked, rinsed and patted dry


2 eggs, beaten

Fine panko bread crumbs

Peanut oil


Mix the mayonnaise, chili, lime juice and refrigerate.

Coat the oysters with the cornflour, then dip into the egg, then the bread crumbs.  Fry in the peanut oil until golden.  Sprinkle with salt and serve immediately with the chili mayonnaise.

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33 Responses to Wild Mediterranean Oysters with Lime Mayonnaise

  1. Mad Dog says:

    That sounds heavenly – especially with garlic and chilli in the mayonnaise!

  2. This takes me to a holiday in Vancouver years ago where I had my first oyster cooked in this way. Love them. That mayo looks perfect. I’ve always wanted to replicate my Vancouver oysters, so will have to give your wonderful recipe a go.

  3. Tessa says:

    I love oysters! And the sambal lime mayo… Delish!

  4. Karista says:

    I love oysters and I think I’d make these just for that delicious sauce. Happy weekend!

  5. Looks and sounds wonderful. I’ve never had lime mayonnaise – I must try it.

  6. Rosemary, I just can’t go along with oysters in jars. It’s like buying frozen chopped onions, but worse:)

    • Roger, okay you can say that about the ones my mom bought, but the fishmonger shucks them in front of me and puts them in a jar. I go home and cook them. What’s the difference?

      • I am such an inexperienced oyster shucker that every time I do it, I almost end up in the ER. As long as you tote those babies home and fry them lickety split, I see no reason to injure yourself!

        Pros can do it way better and way faster than I ever can without injuring themselves or ruining the oyster. I suppose I could get better at it, but that would be a lot of oysters to shuck!

        So keep buying them, Rosemary! I support you!

      • It’s either buy them pre-shucked or do without Daisy 🙂

  7. Nice cutlery! When I saw the photo of this I knew it was from you, Rosemary. These look utterly fantastic, I really want to try an oyster!

  8. I’m going to have to try these, I have all but the cornflour and the oysters:) I’ve shucked oysters.. not as tough as I thought.. you bash them on the head and they open up a bit for your “knife”.. kind of fun actually because I got to wear workmen’s gloves, lol!

  9. Every time I look at your beautiful photos, I think that I MUST get a new camera. Of course, I could also use a few tips from you! Let me know if you’re ever in the Chicago area 🙂

  10. Spoon Feast says:

    Yum! Also your place settings look wonderful.

  11. And this looks amazing! I love fried oysters. With mayonnaise. And this lime mayonnaise sounds divine.

  12. That squared off spoon with the funny handle is quite fun. And of course, I love oysters, raw, baked, fried…. these look wonderful.

  13. rsmacaalay says:

    I would love to have this with ice cold beer, look like a really good finger food. Yum!

  14. Steve Richer says:

    Reblogged this on Steve Richer and commented:
    Hungry already!

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