Duck Breast with Sweet Potato Hash Browns

This was really supposed to be duck breast with a sweet potato rosti, or so the people at BBC said I have to say, it tasted very good but I think they should have included eggs or something else besides corn starch to make this thing stick together.  Where did I go wrong?

Good thing you can’t ruin a duck breast but I almost did by cooking it longer than I like, so distracted by the “rosti”.

I made this duck salad to sooth myself.  And there was that glass of Chablis….

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13 Responses to Duck Breast with Sweet Potato Hash Browns

  1. Ah a glass of chablis always helps! 🙂 I find rostis one of the (many) tricky things to cook, as so much water comes out of the veggies in the cooking process. Someday I’d like to suss it out!

  2. Let me know if you get it right 🙂

  3. That looks divine.

  4. This looks brilliant, despite the problem with the rosti…

  5. Rösti is tricky! I sometimes like to think of it as what happens to rice when you get that delicious, hard, crunchy crust on the bottom from cooking your rice over on the stove. That takes forever.

    I really don’t think that you did anything off; I think it is the recipe. It has you cook the rösti for such a short period of time, I just don’t see how any crust can form at all. I looked at a few rösti recipes, and they are putting the cooking time between 12-16 minutes, all the way up to 20.

    Despite that, your dish still looks wonderful. Those are some beautiful colors that you have on the plate, and I love the salad!

  6. Tessa says:

    I read the recipe and I agree with baconbiscuit. It does seem like a short time to cook a raw sweet potato. If you messed up the recipe, I would not have noticed. Otherwise, your hash browns look great :)!

  7. Katherine was wanting sweet potato fritters or latkes all weekend! That duck looks wonderful.

  8. rsmacaalay says:

    Wow those duck breast looks perfectly cooked! nom nom nom

  9. Beautiful photos. I would eat this, no problem, rosti or no rosti.

  10. Great dish, however, NEVER go for a Chablis with Duck breast ………………… this dish needs a heavier white!

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