Cooking in Sens “Unplugged”

I’m only doing this for you Frugal  I don’t like to participate in these kinds of interviews/sharings.  However, since you mentioned, I think twice, that you know nothing about me.  Here goes.

I was born in Texas, raised in California and spent over 30 years of my life as a “following to join spouse” in the U.S. diplomatic service; Haiti(2 times), Burkina Faso, Niger, Bangladesh, Mali(2 times), Rwanda, Ethiopia and Senegal.  I worked those years in U.S. Embassies and hosted enormous receptions at our home.  I have been married a really long time and have 2 children; boy 28, girl 14.  I now live in France but rumor has it that I will be on the road again soon.  I’m older than your mother and I like cats.  That’s me on the left Frugal.

Who or what inspired you to start a blog?

Our son, who was then in graduate school in Paris, suggested that I start a restaurant or a blog.  No contest.

Who is your foodie inspiration?

I don’t know.

Your greasiest most batter splattered cook book is?

Probably Fanny Farmer and Herters.

The best thing you have ever eaten in another country, where was it and what was it?

Hands down, ris de veau, Paris.  Or maybe it was foie gras with cherry sauce, Chez Madeleine( 2 Michelin stars), Sens.  Either one.

Another Food Blogger’s table you would like to eat at?

I want to eat with Roger and Jenny again

What one kitchen gadget would you like Santa to bring you.

I want a professional meat slicer.

Who taught you how to cook?


I’m coming to you for dinner, what is your signature dish?

Goat cheese in plum sauce

What is your guilty pleasure?

I never feel guilty about eating.

Reveal something about yourself that others would be surprised to learn?

I like Cheetos.

Blogs that I like, other than Frugal’s.  I don’t really want to know more, I’m just happy that these blogs are there.  Don’t feel the pressure guys, do what you want.

Food, Photography and France  Roger taught me everything I know in photography, including how to find the on and off switch for the camera 🙂

Country Wood Smoke

Olives and Artichokes

Chica Andaluza

Home Cooked Meals

About cookinginsens

An American living in Burgundy, France
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14 Responses to Cooking in Sens “Unplugged”

  1. Wow thanks Rosemary, very kind of you to say this and include my little blog. Great to learn some more about you.

  2. You’re looking great, and that looks a good dinner with your celebrated neighbours. Thanks for the kind words, which are truly appreciated. Your blog gets better and better.

  3. What a lovely post – I´m so glad you did respond to Frugal´s “Challenge”. You´ve had such an interesting life, so I´m delighted that we can share a little of it via your wonderful blog (thanks in some way I guess to your son!). And thank you too for mentioning my blog, that´s very kind of you.

  4. What a nice post. Your answer to this one is my favorite: What is your guilty pleasure?

  5. You were in Niger? How is this for a coincidence, but I studied abroad in college in Niamey. You probably know my program coordinator, Sue Rosenfeld!

  6. Nice to know more about you (although I never answer these questions myself) and I like your answer to the ‘guilty pleasure’ question too – we’re definitely at one on that! And thank you so much for your kind mention of my blog.

  7. tokyohamster says:

    It’s nice to know a little more about you! Your mom must have been an amazing cook too!

  8. I love this! This first time I tasted foie gras, I realized how exciting food could be.

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