Brined Travers de Porc with Tartiflette

I’m really happy about the traiteur (caterer) service available here in France.  Especially for the lazy days when you have to go shopping but you really can’t be bothered to cook.  This is not fast food, but food that you would make for yourself at home.

We have two excellent traiteurs in the open market and I frequent them both.  Today I bought not quite baby back ribs (travers) that had been cured in brine and then roasted,  tartiflette (bacon, cheese and potatoes) from the traiteur and some heirloom tomatoes from my favorite vegetable stand.

I did paint the ribs with barbecue sauce before eating; the French don’t know about that.  It tasted like barbecued ham, but in a good way.  Meat and potatoes for those rainy, icy days.  Large portions!

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10 Responses to Brined Travers de Porc with Tartiflette

  1. “Fast food” the French way – it´s soooo good! Those ribs and tomatoes look amazing. Just what I fancy for my lunch 🙂 (if only)

  2. Such a pretty plate deserves a lunch like this on it.

  3. Wow, what a cool service and I love your appreciation for BBQ.

  4. Michelle says:

    At least in France one can always be assured of salade de carottes and céleri rémoulade. Being in the midst of a kitchen renovation, I sure do wish I had a traiteur nearby!

  5. BRIAN says:

    Wheres the recipe???

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