Because Roger Wants To Know

This is what I had for lunch; marinated salmon carpaccio with dill, mache and quail eggs. Good!

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8 Responses to Because Roger Wants To Know

  1. I’m eating lox right now and this looks amazing! I’ve never had quail eggs but they look phenomenal!

  2. It looks good and it has also been simply and sensitively shot. I could ear that quite happily had I not been raging about fucked up hard drives.

  3. Oh you take requests? What are you having for breakfast Tuesday?

  4. maureen says:

    what’s the recipe?? I WANT IT

    • Hi Maureen. I bought the salmon already marinated but here’s an intelligent guess: Marinate a fresh salmon fillet in lemon juice, white pepper and oil for about 2-3 hours. Chop some dill and coat the top of the salmon with this. Slice and enjoy!

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