Romanesco Tarte with Bacon

I just discovered the romanesco broccoli about 3 or 4 years ago while walking through the open market; so exotic and so tasty!   When we saw them back in the market a couple of days ago, Jade and I bookmarked them in our minds for future treatment.

I made a tarte with this but they are perfectly fine, lightly steamed with butter or even used raw as a crudite.  The flavor is milder and sweeter than broccoli or cauliflower.


Romanesco Tarte with Bacon

1 puff pastry shell

1 head of romanesco florets, lightly blanched

1 cup of bacon batons, browned

1 cup emmenthal cheese, grated

4 eggs

1 1/2 cup creme fraiche

Bake the pastry shell for about 8 minutes in a  400 degree oven.   Remove and layer the pastry with the florets, then the bacon and then the cheese.   Beat the eggs and creme fraiche together and pour into the shell.   Bake for 25-30 minutes in the 400 degree oven.

Beverage suggestion:  Cider

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18 Responses to Romanesco Tarte with Bacon

  1. I’ve never tried romanesco broccoli. It looks so unique! I’ll have to keep an eye out for it so I can try it. This tart looks divine.

  2. Thanks for the close up of the broccoli. I’d never seen that. The tart looks amazing.

  3. That looks amazing…Hubby just peeked over my shoulder and asked…”When are we having that?”

  4. romanesco is so photogenic isn’t it! I must remember to put it on my to grow list for next year. Lovely recipe too!

  5. Loud Mind says:

    It looks like a quiche.

  6. I have never seen that type of broccoli. How funny it looks! The tart, though, does not look funny at all…it looks delicious!

  7. Karen says:

    Whether it is called a tart or quiche, it had to be delicious. You can sometimes find the romanesco in the frozen vegetable section. It is usually from a Canadian company if that helps anyone who might be looking for it.

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