Eating Around: Le Patio

The Patio sandwich and salad restaurant is like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  On weekends and when France is playing a World Cup game, one has to veer around the crowds of boisterous men spilling out onto the sidewalk.  We saved this restaurant for a time my husband would be here because Jade and I were a little timid about shoving our way into this howling pack of beer swilling sports fans in really bizarre hats.

Ordinarily, this owner operated restaurant is quiet and calm with super salads and a cow in the garden.  We’ll be happy to go back alone sometimes, we’ll just carefully choose the day.

Like all their ingredients the pretzels were very fresh and we loved the bright red Fischer beer bowl.

The hot goat cheese salad, with toasted, fresh baguette and mixed greens was scrumptious and I had to hurry the picture so that Jade would not have a cold goat cheese salad 🙂  Her father also went for a salad with cheese but cold; a variety of regional cheeses, cut into cubes and mounded on top of salad greens.   Very French and very good.

I had the Mer and Terre salad or Surf and Turf with magret de canard, salmon and a good foie gras on toast with a fig compote.  Yes.

The restaurant doesn’t really offer much in the way of desserts but there were complimentary chocolates 🙂

We decided to do the Ethiopian thing and change restaurants for coffee.   Thinking about their wonderful Cafe Gourmand, we strolled over to the Petit Senon Unfortunately, they weren’t serving anymore so we had glasses of Irancy instead while Jade had an Italian hot chocolate in a very cool cup.

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  1. The pictures get better and better – I love the one of the little bars of chocolate and the one of the coffee cup.

  2. I love that coffee mug! Great photos.

  3. Karen says:

    Just wanted to say “hello” after catching up on your posts that I missed while traveling in Europe. Your photos keep getting better and better. Good for you.

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