Eating Around: Le Parisien

For over a decade, we have seen this restaurant on the square.   Tall and narrow, wedged in between the larger beer bar and a magazine tobacco shop, it has always gone pretty much unnoticed by our family.   Although from time to time my husband would say, “I think they have a restaurant upstairs.”   Well, in fact they have a restaurant upstairs, downstairs, and in good weather, in the square.  I guess we were totally distracted by the Cathedral Restaurant, the beer bar and just didn’t pay attention!

What a loss for us!   This restaurant is old school, back in the day!   I sneaked a picture of these good ole boys playing cards after lunch.  How could we have missed this?!  The food is absolutely correct, service appropriate and the ambiance, totally French.

We began with the house terrine and eggs mimolette which my darlin’ hated but it was on the menu du jour and he does like a deal 🙂

He consoled himself with some Chablis and I shared the terrine with him.

The card players were eating the menu choucroute and, choosing wisely, my cherie had the same.   Marvelous!

I had one of the best andouillette de Troyes, Champagne region, that I have ever had! Perfectly prepared and cooked with those french fries that you dream of; crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Jade, deciding to go with a main dish and dessert, chose a superb house salad that included foie gras mousse, chicken gizzards and potatoes.  After a correct pause for digestion, the server appeared with the dessert menu.   Pancakes for Jade.

And a shared cafe gourmand for us.

Good lunch, good day!


Gilbert Parret

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An American living in Burgundy, France
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8 Responses to Eating Around: Le Parisien

  1. Great post – I love that kind of traditional restaurant.

  2. jade says:

    C’est marrant la photo des monsieurs qui jouent aux cartes.
    Et j’adore les photos de tout le monde :).

  3. Sense, I believe I may have turned a little green. What a fantastic lifestyle you live. I miss Paris, I adored it when I visited.

  4. ceciliag says:

    So lovely…!

  5. Jade is so photogenic and that does look like a great lunch.

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