Lancashire Hot Pot

Frugal gave me the idea for this post, a lamb and potato casserole.

The recipe uses both lamb neck and kidneys.

It drives me insane when I burn things.   It doesn’t look nice nor appetizing.

This happened because instead of hanging out by the stove, I was up in the square having Chablis with my main squeeze.  I scraped the burned parts off but I was not pleased!

Recipe is at  I used a tajine to cook it in and decreased the cooking time to 2 hours altogether.   The burn came when I put it in the top of the oven and went to the square.  Darn!

Jade made this for her father’s homecoming.

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12 Responses to Lancashire Hot Pot

  1. I’m sat in the middle of the north sea on an oil rig, the wind is blowing a gale, and that dish looks totally delicious, wouldn’t matter to me that it’s a bit extra crispy in places 🙂
    Loving the Lancashire/Marrakech fusion!
    I think a lamb hotpot with some moroccan spices would be delicious too.

  2. I think the burnt edges look great, and I love the taste of the sticky, burnt edges of thinly sliced potatoes. Good stuff.

  3. Ahha, it seems you’ve gone down the more traditional route – I’m glad. It looks lovely, chablis always has the power to catch one out :P. Though I’m more of a Merlot kinda guy – white isn’t my thing, but perhaps that’s because it’s far harder to find a nice bottle of white than it is a bottle of red.

    • I know, Frugal. White is always hard to find, we found it so in Africa and drank a lot of red. Thank you very much for the idea, it was gorgeous. You are also right about the Merlot.

  4. Well, that is a good reason to burn something!

  5. ceciliag says:

    I agree with greg, you were distacted by Mr Handsome! and perfect timing as i go to pick up my lamb in little white packages today! I quite like those little crunchy bits too.. c

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