Foie Gras with Figs

My baby’s coming home tomorrow!   I thought we’d better eat the foie gras now; not his favorite.  More for us!  Lancanshire hot pot for him.

I found this great video.  I love the way he just dumps the cooking oil on top of the foie gras.

Gratuitous Jade self-portrait.  Grainy but pretty dramatic.   Cool hat.  She used the silver background to reflect the light.   Pretty good.  I didn’t know what to do with it 🙂

Some of the figs are really nice now.  I was going to make this dish earlier but the Turkish figs that I found were practically rotten.   Bleah!

And you know, the French will forever fascinate me.   This recipe called for raspberry vinegar and I surely did not want to go shopping in the supermarket on Saturday, just for the vinegar.  About 2 minutes away, we have a Carrefour City, like a Seven-Eleven, opposite the open market.  Jade was going up to the open market for me to get the fresh figs, so just for the heck of it I asked her to stop by the Carrefour City to see if they had raspberry vinegar.  They did!   What are the French cooking that causes a convenience store to specifically stock raspberry vinegar?!  “Oh dear, I’m out of raspberry vinegar.   How did that happen?  Better run up to the Carrefour City.”   Amazing.

Foie Gras with Figs

1 whole foie gras, sliced into six pieces

6 figs, quartered

100 gr sugar

5 cl balsamic vinegar

5 cl soy sauce

5 cl raspberry vinegar

5 cl port

Fleur de sel

Sear the foie gras slices for 1 minute per side.   Set aside.   Pour off the fat from the foie gras, add the sugar and cook until caramelized.  Add the figs and cook for about 3 minutes on a low flame.  Add the liquids and continue to cook for 6-10 minutes for a syrup like sauce.  Remove the figs and add the foie gras slices to the syrup, cooking for an additional 3 minutes.

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12 Responses to Foie Gras with Figs

  1. Terrific pics – congratulations to you and to Jade – brilliant

  2. I’m not sure about the foie gras either – it’s hardly frugal anyway :D. I assume the hot pot reference was directed at me – I hope he enjoys your version as much as I enjoy mine.

  3. That is a nice portrait. I hope if I’m away Katherine saves the foie gras for my return. That’s funny it’s not his favorite. Love the figs too.

  4. Fay says:

    Sam Cooke! Reminds me of a young singer in France, Ben L’Oncle Soul. Fine voice, superb phrasing, impeccable taste, and he sometimes echoes Cooke. Raspberry vinegar at the 7-11 no less. In Montana, it’s beef jerky. That’s about as far out as we go at the convenience store.

  5. ceciliag says:

    Aren’t figs just beautiful to look at! And what a lovely dish you created. beautiful jade… c

  6. Juls says:

    This looks amazingly decadent and tasty!
    Our local convenience store has the most random things tucked away into corners – like apple flavoured chocolate and truffle oil.

  7. Gorgeous photos. I love this dish, the pairing of foie gras with delicious figs, mmmmmmmmmm can I come to visit too?

  8. Amber says:

    Fantastic photos.

  9. mylineontheline says:

    Foie gras is a pretty awesome ingredient…
    I’m not sure what the current climate around foie gras is in France.. obvoiusly, it is quite strained in California.
    I just put up a post on Dan Barber and foie gras… very relevant considering the issues around forcefeeding. A must see.

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