Coquilles St. Jacques

A visit to the fishmonger this morning had us salivating and wanting everything.  It’s so nice that a least one person in the family shares my love of fish and it’s relatives.  The fish market’s owner is such a nice guy and he tries to speak to us in French with an American accent; he’s so cute!  Today he had large, white, live scallops.  Beautiful.  He separated the scallops from the shell and we were almost ready to broil.

I made a batch of flavored butter with garlic and parsley; some to use today and some to freeze for future extravagances.   I love these pots.

The scallops are quickly seared on each side then placed on the half shell with a generous knob of flavored butter, then broiled.

Life just doesn’t get any better!

Wine suggestion:  Petit Chablis

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  1. Simple and absolutely delicious.

  2. jon says:

    nice. I like to make a compound butter with toasted nori, broken up into pieces. That and a splash of Ricard make a nice combo with scallops.

  3. love your photography… if you like you can share some pics on my website

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