Indonesian Style Garlic Frog Legs

Whenever I make Indonesian style frog legs, I think of the Nigerian ambassador who became violently ill after he learned that the three plates of the buttery, garlicky dish he had consumed during my international pot luck buffet were not chicken.   I wondered then and I wonder now, which part of the chicken had he convinced himself those tiny little bones come from?

Hosting an international potluck buffet is a great way to interact with others in the expat community beyond formal receptions.  And of course it is an excellent opportunity to sample and share a variety of traditional cuisines.  I think it was always difficult for Americans to choose what to bring because so much of our traditional food is European. Most of us fell back on food from the South or desserts; you would see 7 plates of fried chicken, 4 or 5 plates of corn bread, dozens of brownies or cookies.  Apparently, to non-Americans there is something deliciously unique about our baked goods; they were always the most popular, disappearing quickly from the buffet table.

I first had this marvelous style of frog legs at an international potluck in Niger, the dish was contributed by a bachelor development expert from Indonesia.   Since then, no matter what country we have been posted to, at an international potluck the Indonesians invariably bring garlic parsley frog legs.  Fine with me!

Simple to make, all you need are frog legs, flour, salt, pepper, garlic, parsley and ghee or butter.

Indonesian Style Frog Legs

1 lb frog legs

Salt and pepper


150 grams ghee or butter

6 garlic cloves, finely chopped

2 tbsp parsley, finely chopped

Season the frog legs with salt, pepper and dust with flour.   Fry the frog legs in the ghee, turning, until golden.   Add the garlic and parsley, then gently stir fry until the garlic is crispy.

Wine suggestion:   Bourgogne Aligote

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7 Responses to Indonesian Style Garlic Frog Legs

  1. ceciliag says:

    but I have no frogs! they have all gone with the cold!.. love your story of the ambassador though.. maybe he thought it was a miniature chicken! c

    • Some people go out, they are usually from the South, “gigging” frogs which I believe means to poke them with something sharp and throw them in a “croaker sack”. (Frogs, croakers, get it?) But not me. I buy them frozen, ready to cook. That seems best.

  2. Oh good gracious. Violently ill? I would be thrilled to eat these.

    • Many times in other countries, ambassadors are appointed because they are related to a member of the standing goverment, not because of any expertise or competence they might bring to the position. That ambassador was a family member from the Nigerian head of state’s village. A peasant, quoi? 🙂

  3. ambrosiana says:

    Well that’s a story… the Ambassador’s….those frog legs look tasty!!!

  4. anickhckh says:

    scary, I’ve never had frog legs… are they good??

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