Deviled Pork Palette with Lentils

These pork palettes are cured pork shoulder, like small, uncooked hams.  Deviled, means that they have been en-robed in mustard and loosely wrapped in a thin, fatty, sausage-like casing. The ones I bought from the traiteur were about the size of baseballs, maybe a little smaller.  4 palettes serve 2 people.

I imagine that you could duplicate the cut by buying some cured, uncooked pork, thickly spreading it with mustard and then wrapping it in bacon.   In fact, I’m going to try that one day just to see if I’m right.  But not today.   Today I’m shirking 🙂

For instance, did I make those lentils from scratch?   Not exactly.   I did slice some carrots, celery and shallots, sauteed them in butter and then poured in my frozen lentils with bacon that I was clever enough to buy at Picard’s, the king of frozen foods in France. Very pretty, no?

As for the palettes, all I had to do was put the plastic container they came in directly into a 400 degree oven for 30 minutes.   Et voila!  Hearty peasant food with a touch of elegance.

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14 Responses to Deviled Pork Palette with Lentils

  1. The last shot is so on the money – white background perfectly placed, and spot on depth of field. Just great, and I bet it tasted good.

  2. Thanks Roger. I shot that slightly overexposed and since that’s the first time I have purposely done that, I wasn’t sure. Cool! Tasted good too.

  3. rumpydog says:

    Oh my that looks SO good! It’s breakfast time but I want to eat THAT!

  4. Oh I’ve never heard of deviled pork and I really like your suggestion on how to fake/make it. Looks like a great meal.

  5. I’ve never heard of it either… it looks fantastic, Sens!

  6. ceciliag says:

    Shirking again? next you will be buying pastry! now when i have fattened my pig and have it ready for the eating, you can describe to me what they do, so i can try to fake it with the real thing!

  7. ambrosiana says:

    I totally loveyour food…this one is so delicious…Pork with lentils….I am hungry!!!

  8. gridelle says:

    it seems very good!!

  9. ....RaeDi says:

    This is such a beautiful dish and it looks delicious! I have left a surprise for you on my post today (I am sorry that I have not got back to you, I had a family emergency!) ….RaeDi

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