Tartine Boudin Noir, Apples and Reblochon Cheese

I had a little piece of the artisanal boudin noir left over from yesterday and decided to make a tartine.   I forget who it was but someone mentioned that they had a cookbook for tartines.  Appalled that I didn’t, even though I’m living in France, I felt I just had to have one, not to mention my acquisitive nature and just plain silliness.   That’s why the house is too small.   Anyway, I bought two.

The silliness not ending there, I didn’t use either of them to make the tartine.   I only remembered them after I had made it.  Maybe it’s early Alzheimer’s.

The good thing is that I did use up some more of M. Parret’s apples.   I’m not really sure what a bushel is but I think he gave me one.  The second good thing is that this was absolutely delicious.   I sauteed the apples in a little butter, lined out some reblochon cheese on top of a piece of pain de campagne, topped the cheese with slices of boudin and put the sauteed apples on top of that.   I broiled the tartine until the reblochon spilled over the sides of the bread.   Delightful!

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27 Responses to Tartine Boudin Noir, Apples and Reblochon Cheese

  1. Wow!!!!! I am now officially STARVING!! That is awesome.
    By the way, my friends call it “Davesheimers”.

    with the genius comes the madness….

  2. Beautiful photos! This looks amazing.

  3. ambrosiana says:

    My mouth is watering! Terrific idea!!! I love apples and cheese!!

  4. myFudo says:

    Beautiful.. just amazing, now am on a hunt for some tartines 🙂
    Feel free to check out my site am giving a free designer’s lunch bag this week. Thanks

  5. You didn’t have a tartine cookbook? So glad you remedied that. Looks like a great meal.

  6. Beautiful pictures!

  7. Karen says:

    4 pecks, or 8 gallons, or about 35 liters. Isn’t if fun knowing someone that has an apple orchard. Lots of useless information. Anyway, the tartine looks beautiful and must have been delicious.

  8. julia says:

    this looks phenom

  9. ....RaeDi says:

    What a beautiful dish, love it….RaeDi

  10. The apples have a wonderful colour, and the finished tartine looks like a delicious idea.

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  12. That looks interesting. For the many apples in our backyard, you give an idea what’s best to prepare during its season. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Well… that is just silly! Those look incredible. I’m totally not “down” with French cookery… I’d never hard of tartines… now I have I want to eat them… 😀

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