Eating Around: Le Plat d’Etain

Le Plat d’Etain means pewter or tin plate.  I choose to translate it pewter because I like pewter and I like this restaurant.   This is not our first time here, in fact you could say that we “frequent” this restaurant.  The food is good, plain French food, the glass wine drinkable, the service superior and the price modest.   What’s not to like?

The Plat d’Etain is a two person run establishment; cook in the kitchen and a thin, whispy, ball of fire waitress up front.  With both indoor and outdoor seating and a ridiculously busy lunch hour, you just wonder how they make it work.  But work, it does.

This is a picture of Jade.   Why?  Because she likes to have her picture on/in the blog and I’m her mother.   Why should her life be any different than that of her spoiled, older brother’s?  ‘Nough said.

It is seriously frustrating not being able to take good restaurant pictures, indoor or outdoor.   I’m going to talk to Roger about a restaurant picture course.   It could be fun, eating and drinking around the Vendee as course work.   Excellent idea!

Jade ordered the carpaccio of salmon for her appetizer  and I, the house terrine.  Jade loves their carpaccio but carped (ha!) a little at the almost char-coaling of her toast.  She thought her father might have been advising the cook by telephone from Sudan 🙂  The  terrine was perfect!

For the main course Jade had the Ham Chablisienne that was good with a flavored mustard sauce.

I had the andouillette which is, if you can imagine, chitlins in a sausage.   The most famous of these come from the French region of Chablis.   This one was okay but I think my husband might have remained on the phone.

We ended this satisfying meal with chocolate cake and creme brulee for Jade.   Coffee for me.

Jade:  8 – Carpaccio

Rosemary:  7 – No Cafe Gourmand

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  1. So cool that you’re doing this thing on restaurants. The only way to do it well is with insanely expensive lenses. Jade looks fab, but the tinned/bottled green beans remain an enigma.

    • Thanks Roger. Guess I’ll just have to take the same kind of pictures I’ve been taking at restaurants. I am going to spring for a 10x adaptor for close ups but that’s it! Bottle green? Tinned? Whatever do you mean? 🙂

  2. I must find one of those giraffe glasses!

  3. ....RaeDi says:

    What a wonderful post and the pictures told us everything….RaeDi

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