Eating Around: La Cuisine de Lolie

La Cuisine de Lolie, located on the pedestrian shopping street in Sens is a restaurant we must have walked past over a hundred times, promising ourselves that we would go there the next time we ate out, but somehow we always forgot about it until the next time we passed by.  It’s a good thing we decided to go down the list of restaurants. because La Cuisine de Lolie is a 10!

The restaurant is a little oasis, located off the street in a verdant courtyard.   Multicolored sailcloth provides shade for the tables and accounts for the oranges/reds in the pictures you are about to see.   But who cares?   From the entrees to dessert, the restaurant was a Bo Derek of Sens cuisine.   Hallelujah!

For entrees, Jade had the foie gras and I had the verrine trio.   Jade’s foie gras plate was perfectly presented with both fig and cherry compotes, a fresh green salad and authentic foie gras.   She was ridiculously delighted!

My trio of verrines consisted of gazpacho, a salad of pasta, tomatoes and olives and a fabulous sauce of red bell pepper, perfect for slathering on or dipping into with the very, very fresh and good bread.

Jade’s main course was the pork filet mignon served with a fresh tomato sauce and mashed potatoes.   The serving was so generous that she just couldn’t finish it, although the girl gave it the old college try 🙂

My salmon main course came served over a bed of eggplant, zucchini and bell peppers.   It was perfectly cooked, delicious with a seductive, Mediterranean flavor.   I ate every bite!

As in many French restaurants, La Cuisine de Lolie offered the lunch options of entree + main course or main course + dessert or entree + main course + dessert at a very reasonable price.   We, unwisely, decided to have the 3 courses which we will never do again but are glad that we opted for the full experience.   Jade’s dessert was two crispy, pastry rolls of chocolate, caramel and pear with a side of caramel ice cream.  Delicious overkill.

For my dessert, I ordered and received the best Cafe Gourmand I have had since I’ve been in France; an American brownie, strawberry compote with whipped cream, caramel ice cream, the pear pastry roll, cream with a peach compote and of course coffee that was desperately needed 🙂

Michelin people!   Come back to Sens, you’ve missed something.

Score for La Cuisine de Lolie:

Jade:  10

Rosemary 10

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11 Responses to Eating Around: La Cuisine de Lolie

  1. myFudo says:

    Looks tasty, bet you enjoyed yourself at La Cuisine de Lolie 🙂

  2. Fab pictures – Ambrosiana hopes she can reach these dizzy heights! She’s training hard. La Lolie sounds like a cool discovery in a desert of mediocrity.

    • Thank you Roger. As I did, she will leave the Vendee with the knowledge necessary to improve, although it was already good, her photography. In addition, I’m sure, even with the dead oven and the rap music on the train, she will remember her time with you and Jen fondly. I do.

      It’s going to be hard for Jade and I to continue after today’s experience but we are determined to try to be open minded about what’s on offer here in Sens. Maybe there’s something more out there that we’ve missed. We hope 🙂

  3. What beautiful food. I think I’d give it a 10 too.

  4. ambrosiana says:

    What a delightful meal you had!! I love your restaurant reviews..and your stunning photos!! Keep them coming!!!

  5. Thank you Ambrosiana. We really liked this restaurant!

  6. Kay Ecker says:

    Is that your daughter in the picture? Both she and the photo is beautiful :o)

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