Eating Around: L’Assiette

Jade and I have decided to eat around, since we saw the paper place mat at the Broceliande restaurant that listed all the bars and restaurants in town that were hosting music during the town’s August music festival.  We thought this would be a great way to force us to experience other restaurants besides our picks, Le Madeleine( 2 star Michelin) and the La Cathedrale restaurant, by just going down the list, come hell or high water!   We have finally openly admitted that we are terrible food snobs and that we are probably missing something by not going to these establishments.  Jade’s the worse! What will she be like at 18?  Anyway, everything is within walking distance in the town center.

We decided to return to L’Assiette after an absence of 6 years.  M. Parret says that they changed the cook but I think the cook came back.  This restaurant is right across the square from La Cathedrale which was packed but at L’Assiette, we had our choice of seating.

Jade ordered an Orangina for her apertif.

And I had a really full glass of Chablis.  I love it when they fill up my glass.  I had to drink it down a little for the picture 🙂

We decided to go for the menus and Jade had the canned fois gras for her entree.  Nice plates.

I had the duo of salmon, liberally salted with enormous grains of salt that were not fleur de sel.  I’m just saying.  Big portions.

Jade chose the Magret de Canard, pictured above, and I the Scallops Provencale. Presentation was good.

For dessert, Jade had the Strawberry Cake with sauce Anglaise.

And I, the Cafe Gourmand of course that consisted of an apple crumble, vanilla ice cream and creme brulee.

Score so far:

La Madeleine:  10+

La Cathedrale:   Jade – 9    Rosemary – 8

Broceliande:   Jade – 8   Rosemary – 6

L’Assiette:   Jade-5 (chewey duck)  Rosemary – 6 (large glasses of wine)

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  1. My wife love traveling around the country and sampling local cuisines/specialties. While we might not always find greatness, I find eating out can often be inspirational for cooking at home (ie….this is good, but I could do x, y, and z to make the dish great). Fantastic imagery as always.

  2. I love the plan, and I like the strawberry cake pic. I think this project has the legs to produce some really good photography.

  3. Karen says:

    I think we all have our comfort zone restaurants where we know that we will always enjoy the meal whether plan or fancy. We keep hoping that we will find that new little place that is special enough to be added to our favorites. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen very often. Usually the food we prepare at home is much better. As far as your cooking is concerned, I’m sure that is the case most of the time.

    • Hi Karen. I think food prepared at home, by some one who likes food, is always good but that’s not to say that I can’t have a meal, whether at your house or at the little diner a block away, as good or better. While I don’t expect to find a Jamie Oliver working in every restaurant, I do expect that some sort of pride and care be involved in the preparation of the food that I’m paying a premium for, be it sophisticated or simple; the chicken and fries place just outside of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, hovering vultures and all, has some of the best grilled chicken I’ve ever tasted!

      I guess this little adventure is going to be about looking for those cooks who no matter what she/he’s preparing, sandwiches or caviar, cares enough to do it well. Like all of us who are food blogging 🙂

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