Mushroom Omelette

I purposely held back 4 mushrooms from the mushroom tarte so that I could make this omelette for breakfast this morning to share with Jade.   Here is the secret to how I became a famous mushroom omelette maker; I don’t cook the mushrooms a long time.   After sauteing the shallots in butter, I add the mushrooms and briefly toss them in the hot pan until they take on color and begin to soften, then I remove the mushroom mixture to a bowl and set aside.   I then add a little more butter to the pan and pour in 2 beaten eggs, cooking until the eggs are almost set.   I put the cooked mushrooms on one half of the egg omelette, sprinkle on cheese and fold in half, cook for about another minute, sprinkle on snipped chives and remove to a plate.  That’s it, mushroom omelette success!

This omelette serves two very well.  I added srichacha sauce to my mine and poured a cup of coffee.   Jade had a regular breakfast with toast, orange juice and yogurt.

What is the correct spelling for omelette?

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10 Responses to Mushroom Omelette

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    Mushroom omelette is one of my favourite kind of omelette.

  2. Oooooh yum. I watched a program yesterday that had a clip of the late great Keith Floyd being shown how to make the perfect omelet – it was extremely funny… This one looks really good, the photos are great.

  3. tandteacake says:

    Sorry but because I déteste omelettes, the first thing I thought was “I love that tablecloth”!
    Well, that’s a good thing, too, right? RIGHT? However, while the omelette sure looks delicous as well, I bet that when turning it into a nice crêpe or German-style pancake, I could find some love for that dish, either! 😉 Your tip with the mushrooms is great!


  4. This looks super yummy!

  5. That looks perfect. I have mangled plenty an omelette.

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