Broceliande Restaurant

It was not raining today, so we decided to make restaurant while the sun was shining 🙂 Jade’s favorite restaurant in Sens, but not mine, is the Broceliande.  Broceliande, supposedly located in Brittany, was the mythical forest described in the Legend of Arthur as the habitat of fairies and the magician Merlin.  Naturally, the restaurant specializes in the famous crepes and galettes of Brittany.  Bleah.   They also have salads.  I had the Chicken Salad with Bacon.   Big.   And a glass of Rose.

Gratuitous photo of Jade that is much better than the photo I took of her galette.

The Broceliande used to be called something else and was a  family owned and operated restaurant that specialized in regional cuisine, some crepes and moules frites.  The owners turned 55, heard the retirement gong, sold the place and left to do whatever young French retirees do.  A pity for us.  The new restaurant, to me, lacks luster and an imaginative cook.  Oh well, portions are huge and they taste okay.

Located on the square, there is both inside and outside dining.

You can stare up at the cathedral.

Or at the open market

Or at the diners in the other restaurants and cafes on the square.   A very pleasant place to sit for coffee, a glass of wine or lunch.

Or you can even order a carafe of hard cider from, I think Normandy not Brittany, that you get to drink from these really cool cups.

Jade had a Poire Belle Helene for dessert that consisted of 2 scoops of vanilla, 1 scoop of chocolate, whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

I got the Cafe Gourmand, of course.  Pretty isn’t it?  That’s some kind of cake and a little Magnum ice cream bite.  I ate the ice cream bite and drank the coffee.

Fabulous to be out in the sunshine again!

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  1. What a fun outing. The ice cream sundae certainly has a more appealing name in French!

  2. 🙂 But she’s right!

  3. So what did you eat in the evening? I get the same feeling about galettes – they’re OK, but so what.

  4. Jackie (Decanted Wines) says:

    These pictures make me want to pick up and move to France! I just can’t imagine sitting outside, enjoying a glass of wine with that amazing cathedral right across from me.

  5. Karen says:

    Everyone always asks me what is my favorite country when we travel to Europe. When it comes to food, France wins hands down.

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