Seven Link Challenge: Thanks Roger

Roger Stowell nominated me to take the Seven Link Challenge:

From  “Three Cookies tagged me to take part in a Seven Link Challenge! The concept is simple. Highlight a post of your own in each of the seven categories listed below. Then nominate 5 bloggers to do the same. It’s a chance to show off posts you were particularly proud of or garnered more attention than you expected!  There are only two rules: 1) publish a link specifically for the categories below, and 2) nominate up to 5 bloggers to take part.”

So here goes.

1/ The most beautiful post –

2/ The most popular –

3/ The most controversial –

4/ The most helpful –

5/ The post that was surprisingly successful –

6/ The post that did not get the attention it deserved –

7/ The post I am most proud of  –

And for my nominations:

Have fun!

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7 Responses to Seven Link Challenge: Thanks Roger

  1. Congrats. I love your list. I think I loved the peach melba, am going there to refresh my memory. Great picks.

  2. Got to be the boudin parmentier and the sweetbread terrine – now look what you’ve done to a part time vegetarian.

  3. Karen says:

    I think that your terrine was my favorite. The photos of the process let’s anyone attempting to make it know just what to do. Perfect.

  4. Tessa says:

    Thank you so much for the nomination. I nosed around your website and I am in complete awe of your work. Your photography and culinary skills are outstanding. I think the challenge is a great idea for new food bloggers such as myself. In my opinion, Feral Kitchen is still really a Feral Kitten in the food blog world. Everyday I learn something new and I am constantly working on ways to improve my work. I can’t wait to participate in the challenge. Thank you again! – Tessa

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