Grilled Curried Leg of Lamb and the Harpy

Bridget, the nice lady who helps me keep my 3 oven Lacanche stove shining, has gone on vacation to Portugal for 3 weeks.   Before she left, she told me that I should only use the ovens for gratins, tartes, cakes and that sort of thing.   Under no circumstances was I to cook any meat products in the oven until she came back.

She advised me to use my large gas grill which she felt could temporarily handle any of my roasting needs.  However, if I insisted on using the ovens, I would have to clean them myself after each use.  Gasp!

So, that’s why I cooked the lamb leg, on the gas grill, in the freezing rain.  What the heck! Jade held the umbrella.

I found a very interesting Japanese Curry Oil marinade at   She used it for lamb shoulder steaks but I felt it could work also for a leg of lamb and it did.

I served the lamb with a French Skordalia sauce and grilled vegetables with basil and a little olive oil.   Yes!

Grilled Curried Leg of Lamb

1 boned and butterflied leg of lamb

1/2 cup olive oil

2 tablespoons grated garlic

3 tablespoons curry powder

4 teaspoons soy sauce

Mix olive oil, garlic, curry powder and soy sauce.   Put lamb in a large zip lock, pour 3/4 of marinade over, massage and refrigerate overnight.  Reserve the remaining marinade for basting.

Cook the lamb leg off flame for about 40 minutes then grill turning and basting until slightly charred and crusty.  Serve with Skordalia sauce and mixed grilled vegetables.

Skordalia Sauce

1 large potato, peeled and cut into quarters

3 garlic cloves, finely chopped

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp white wine vinegar

2 tbsp hot water

3 ounces of olive oil

Boil the potatoes until cooked, drain and mash with garlic, lemon juice, wine vinegar and water.   Put the potatoes in a blender or food processor and with the motor running, slowly stream in the olive oil.   Can be made ahead and then heated before serving.

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8 Responses to Grilled Curried Leg of Lamb and the Harpy

  1. That’s no oven, it’s a work of art. Finally, we got rain yesterday! Sorry, back to the lamb. AMAZING!

  2. I have recently discovered that I LOVE lamb. I barbecued a lamb wrapped in honey and rosemary that just about melted. I’m sure your lamb on the grill is delicious! You photos are wonderful, I’ve been seeing them on Foodgazing near mine. An American in Burgunday, France. All I can say is “Not Fair”!! How wonderful.

  3. joshuafagans says:

    Wow, I definitely have oven/range envy. That is simply beautiful! I am thinking I might have some grilled lamb in my near future…

    • I love my Lacanche! I first thought of an Aga but it stays on all the time and it would definitely be too hot for our small townhouse. Then I thought of another French range, Godin, but was talked into the Lacanche by our son and our neighbors. I’m happy but the ovens are not self cleaning 🙁

  4. You have done this to make me insane with jealousy. My only comment is “WHY HAVEN’T I GOT ONE” . Fab post.

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