Pork Paupiette and Lentils with Tomatoes

I actually had planned to grill a leg of lamb today but the unseasonable rain and cold prevented that.   I ended up going to the traiteur for pork paupiettes and to Picard, a frozen food store, for lentils that I jazzed up a bit with onions and fresh tomatoes.  Maybe lamb tomorrow.

Not bad.

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9 Responses to Pork Paupiette and Lentils with Tomatoes

  1. Looks great! I wish it’d get unseasonably cold here.

  2. The vegetable dish looks, and I bet tastes, fabulous. Excellent to hear from a Picard convert!

  3. Karen says:

    I don’t believe that frozen lentils are available here. I have only seen dried.

    • Hi Karen. Picard is a frozen food specialty store that specializes in all kinds of good quality frozen items including vegetables, fish, meat, prepared entrees etc. I don’t think we have anything like that in the States and the frozen foods we get are not always the best quality.

  4. Charissa says:

    Love vegan sources of protein! But you totally reminded me that I need to experiment more with lentils! Sometimes I get in a rut!

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  6. Ruth says:

    lentils are amazing…

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