Playing with My Food and Photography: Chicken Salad

I don’t believe that I have ever made a chicken salad that wasn’t made from leftover chicken; fried, roasted, grilled, barbecued or baked.  Rarely do I make a simple sandwich of sliced chicken, which would be good, but I always want to make chicken salad.  It’s so versatile.

Today I decided to make chicken salad from the grilled rosemary chicken and to become more familiar with my camera by playing with the f-stops, focus and ISO.   Master Roger Stowell ( would be pleased and I could have a little fun playing with my food, backdrops, plates etc.

Getting towards noon, I first made the chicken salad for a sandwich for Jade’s lunch with random items I had on hand:   Chicken cut into cubes, hard boiled eggs, spring onions, a few slices of chopped jalapeno, celery, basil Dijon mustard, garlic (aioli) mayonnaise, salt and pepper mixed in a large bowl, mounded into a fresh baguette with lettuce and tomatoes.  Pasta salad on the side.

I then decided to stuff tomatoes because I had some very pretty tomatoes and roquette and Haitian pikliz and little strands of piment that I bought at an epicerie in Niort, France.  The corner shelf(  is holding up the backdrop and the cloth is being held to the backdrop by 2 “Godzilla clamps”.

These chicken salad wraps were wonderful!  I just added some coriander, diced tomato and Haitian pikliz on the side.

Okay, I had a good time!   Jade and I are going over to visit the Parrets now, bearing a basket full of the chicken salad trio 🙂  Drinks!

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11 Responses to Playing with My Food and Photography: Chicken Salad

  1. For what it’s worth, I like the wood backdrop the best. But really they all look great. Do you have a favorite?

  2. joshuafagans says:

    I’m with Greg, great photos!

  3. The wraps sound terrific and the picture of the stuffed tomato is top.

  4. Great photographs!

  5. ambrosiana says:

    This is such a mouthwatering post!! I always for chicken salad in whatever form you prepare it! I personally prefer the stuffed tomatoes.

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