Camerahols: Photography and Gastronomy in the Vendee

When I signed up for the photography class at Camerahols, though excited, I didn’t know what to expect.  All I knew was that Roger Stowell, a successful, well-known English photographer, had retired to the Vendee region of France and was offering a reasonably priced, individual course in food photography, with a nightly 4 course dinner.   Now I knew that he was a photographer, but could he cook?

Well, yes he could.

Could he teach?  I think so.   I arrived having done nothing with my new camera except charge the batteries.   F-stop, shutter speed and ISO were meaningless and slightly irritating terms that were just getting in the way of my food being featured on Food Porn Daily.  Roger was facing the biggest challenge of his life!

Undaunted, Roger taught me about focus.

And light.

And composition.

If you’re going to the Vendee, you’ll want to have fun and know something about the region you’re visiting without feeling as if you’re on a packed tour bus, with 10-15 minute sightseeing stops and pseudo-French meal breaks.  Interested people are interesting and Roger and Jenn have made the Vendee region their home for over 10 years.  They know where and what to eat, where to shop, what to see and who to ask.  They are consummate conversationalists who made me feel as if I were one too 🙂  I love these people!

Roger and his charming wife Jenn are the dream couple that you hope you will meet when visiting another country.   They made us feel at home from the very beginning. Each evening, after class, we all gathered in the kitchen for well deserved sun-downers, conversation, laughter and to watch Roger’s seemingly effortless preparation of our meal.

I came for a course in photography but left with so much more; new friends, a relaxing 5 day holiday and some really great recipes!

Don’t want to take a photography course?   Go for the guided sightseeing, shopping and dining.  Want more independence, from a comfortable base, with informed touring advice? Ask Roger. These courses/holidays are tailored for you.  Decide what you want to do, for how long, and Roger will assist you with the planning.

Camerahols:   Be sure to look for the food blog link on his site.   The food, recipes and photography are nothing less than excellent!

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10 Responses to Camerahols: Photography and Gastronomy in the Vendee

  1. Karen says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time learning to use your new camera. On top of that, you got to eat Rogers food. Lucky you!

  2. jade says:

    <3 LIKE 🙂

  3. Hmm, so your pictures and recipes already made me drool, now they’re going to make me drool even more. I’m in trouble! Sounds like a wonderful time and looks like you learned a lot of practical things.Roger’s awesome.

  4. Roger and Jenn are both awesome! You should consider going over for whatever reason, beautiful region, great food and wine.

  5. ambrosiana says:

    After your post I am just tempted. I live in Italy so it is not far from there!!! Your experience sounds awesome!! You were very lucky to share food and fotography with Roger Stowell!! Wow!!

  6. Kay Ecker says:

    Great to hear you enjoyed your class so much. The pics look beautiful. What a great concept that you learn about food photography AND you get to eat good food too!

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