A good friend of ours took us to a restaurant in South East Washington called Cava.  They specialize in mezze or small plates with a Mediterranean flavor.  The food was good and perfect for chatting and sipping a rather Americanized retsina.   While the retsina was a little disappointing, our server, Dave was not.  In fact, Dave made our visit to Cava such a smooth dining experience that I forgot to blog and just ate, drank and talked.

I guess what really impressed us about Dave was that he worked really hard while still looking cool and hip; having enough time, in this busy, noisy bar restaurant, to address our personal needs without looking as if he had someplace else to be and without sounding like a Cheesecake Factory trainee.   Whatever Dave’s story is outside of his job at Cava, he left it at home, choosing to be absolutely “present” for his customers.   Thanks Dave.

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3 Responses to Dave

  1. I love when the service is so remarkable. Looks like a fun place.

  2. ambrosiana says:

    I loved the Cheesecake Factory trainee part!! Anyway, looks like it is a very happening spot and you had much fun!!

  3. Dave says:

    With a name like Dave, how can you go wrong????

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