Steamed Crabs at the Quarterdeck, Arlington, Virginia

Whenever we visit Washington, D.C. area in the summertime, my husband always tries to make sure that we get reservations at the Quarterdeck for steamed crabs.   It’s not that he likes steamed crabs; “too much work for too little” but that he, gentleman that he is, supports me in my incomprehensible cravings.

We tried to get reservations for July 4th but they were totally booked for both lunch and dinner.   The customer at the top of the dinner list had made her reservations in February.  Insider secret:  Those at the top of the reservation list for that day get the biggest crabs.   After that, it’s medium for the middle of the list and down to the smallest for the end of the list.

Fortunately, for my less than enthusiastic crab eaters, the Quarterdeck has a wide selection of appetizers, hamburgers and other seafood plates.   After cracking open one or two token crabs, they went for large plates of chili nachos and buffalo wings.

Spicy rub and crab shell pieces up to and beyond my elbows, I had a feast with one of my favorite foods.   No special butter or dip necessary, just white, sweet and juicy Maryland crab meat.


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7 Responses to Steamed Crabs at the Quarterdeck, Arlington, Virginia

  1. ambrosiana says:

    All that food looks so deliciuos!!!! I miss eating serious nachos and buffalo wings! And that crab!!!! Yummy!!!

  2. We’re both from Maryland and try to get crabs whenever we go home. Hate visiting when they’re not in season.

    • Where is the best place to go for softshell crab sandwiches?

      • Phillips is overrated, but we haven’t been to Baltimore in years. There’s a place in Ijamsville which is way outside D.C. oh my gosh, I have to think of the name. We normally get a bushel at Lu & Joe’s I think it is, in Damasus. (We’re in the burbs.) Sandwiches, we like the crabcakes at Brewer’s Alley in Frederick. Softshell… not so sure. We normally do crab cakes or a bushel.

  3. Kay Ecker says:

    Looks wonderful! Don’t you miss Dungeness crabs 😉

  4. I am from Virginia and I love crabs also. I like your camera. I got a pentax a while ago off of E-Bay. It really does help in getting better pictures.

    • Hi Veronica. I have just this moment walked in the door from the States with my new camera in tow. Next week I’ll be taking a 5 day course in food photography and can’t wait to see, hopefully, some positive advances.

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