My New Camera

This is really intimidating.  There’s all kinds of numbers and options on the outside of this camera and lens; God knows what will appear when I get back to France and charge the batteries!  I’m already feeling nostalgic about my Pentax point and shoot.

I’ve really got to read the manual.  One week after returning home, I have a 5 day photography class in the South Vendee region of France at Camerahols.

The photographer Roger Stowell is both an amazing cook and professional photographer. He’ll probably expect me to have read the manual and be prepared to ask intelligent questions.  Maybe a quiz on arrival?  Oh woe is me!  As Roger is an Englishman,  I’m hoping that he’ll make allowances for this old Texan/Californian.   In any case, I’m practicing my English with my son who went to university in London 🙂

Look at his site!  I can’t believe my presumption!

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  1. Roger has a great eye, I’m sure you’ll love the class. I hope you get to eat some of his food too. Have fun!

  2. which pentax did you have?

  3. Kay Ecker says:

    I can’t believe that you have been using a point and shoot all this time. Your photos are so beautiful! My gosh, once you get hang of this new camera your photos are going to be outstanding!! It took me a while to get used to a DSLR, but now I love it. It’s weird using a p&s now. I still do have a lot to learn about the camera though 🙂

    • Hi Kay. Roger is going to teach me how to use the camera, give me pointers on Photoshop and work with me on lighting and composition issues. Should be fun and I’ll see another region of France.

      I wanted to come into D.C. to see my husband sworn in as the new USAID mission director for Southern Sudan, so decided I might as well come for the fireworks and the fourth.

      There is a basic kitchen in our suite. We have stayed here many times over the years and I have managed to cook, if not fantastic, adequate meals. Still, I do miss my kitchen.

  4. ambrosiana says:

    Great looking professional camera! Your new camera makes me want to change my commercial one!!!!

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