Somen Noodles with Shrimp and Pork Belly

The Japanese have so many interesting noodles.   And for me, the noodle fiend, I could eat some every day.  Today, after a busy time of visiting neighbors, attending the flea market and working out some things with my husband, I decided to go with somen noodles for dinner.  I had some shrimp and sliced pork belly(thick slice unsmoked bacon).  This is not really a recipe but a putting together of ingredients in order to eat noodles.

You will need to make the broth from here:

After that, chop some red bell pepper, celery and onion.   Cut in half some snow peas.   Boil the pepper, celery, onion and snow peas in the broth for about 3 minutes.  Remove and set aside.

In the same broth, boil 1 1/2 cups of cleaned shrimp for about 2-3 minutes.   Remove and set aside.

Grill about 1/2 pound of thick sliced, unsmoked bacon, cut into strips and set aside.

Cook 2 bunches of somen noodles in the broth for 2 minutes.   Add the vegetables, shrimp and pork belly and toss until well mixed.   Serve with soy sauce.  Enjoy.

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4 Responses to Somen Noodles with Shrimp and Pork Belly

  1. Oh. My. Word. That is some great looking pork belly. I love the idea of grilling it and pairing it with shrimp. Beautiful recipe.

  2. Kay Ecker says:

    You really go all out when you make your meals! I never thought of grilling pork belly on the grill, what a great idea!! Is grilling popular in France? This looks so good and refreshing! Why do you use soy sauce instead of your lovely dashi sauce that you made? Have you ever had somen the tradional way? It’s also very refreshing…you serve the somen in ice water w/ice floating in it then you deep the somen into a dashi tsuyu sauce. It’s very much a summer dish :o)

    • The French do grill but not like Americans; they just don’t have the feel for it 🙂 I have had cold somen and soba. Thanks for reminding me.
      As for the dashi, by the time I put the noodles in the bowl, I just grabbed the nearest thing which was tamari soy sauce. Good enough!

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