Jade’s Dessert Day

Jade has the kind of body that skinny jeans were made for but some days she eats like a truck driver whose second job is in a cotton field.  Yesterday was one of those days.

For breakfast she had the usual yogurt and a piece of toast, plus 2 miniature cheesecakes with canned whipped cream on top.   Okay.   An hour later she had a tropical fruit tart with canned whipped cream on top.   She broke for a lunch of macaroni and cheese with 5 chocolate cream cookies for dessert.

We made ice cream sandwiches with French waffle cookies, strawberry ice cream and sprinkles; Jade snacking on grapes to stave off malnutrition.

She ate two.

Dinner was Poulet Creole with a manly portion of rice, sauce and chicken.   For dessert, one cheesecake with whipped cream and one ice cream sandwich.

This morning she wore her gray skinny jeans.   They looked a little loose.

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