Haitian Poulet Creole with Pikliz

There’s something about these colors that make you want to go to a bar, order a “demi” bottle of Barbancourt and dance the meringue with a really old guy.

Instead, I decided to make poulet creole and pikliz.

Pikliz is a Haitian, very hot, pickle of cabbage, carrots, onions and scotch bonnet peppers.   It reminds me of the bottle of little green peppers and vinegar that my Louisiana grandfather always had beside his plate at every meal; pikliz is a lot more deadly.

Poulet Creole is a rich, thick stew of chicken, bell peppers, onions, garlic and spices.   Although traditional, this dish is very popular with tourists because it conforms to their notion of eating safely in foreign countries; well done and boiled.

Poulet Creole

8 chicken thighs

1 tsp salt

3 cloves garlic, chopped

3 scallions, chopped

2 parsley sprigs, stems removed

5 dry thyme stems, stems removed

1 scotch bonnet, cut in half

1 green pepper, chopped

Juice of one lime

1/2 cup water

2 tbsp olive oil

1 large onion, thinly sliced

1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced

2 tbsp tomato paste

1 cup water.

In a food processor, make a paste of the salt, garlic, scallions, parsley, thyme scotch bonnet, green bell pepper, lime juice and water.   Put the chicken thighs in a zip lock bag and pour this mixture on top.  Mash around and allow to marinate for 2 hours or overnight.

Heat the olive oil and brown the chicken thighs.   Remove the thighs and set aside.   Saute the onion and red bell pepper in the same pan until soft.   Add the tomato paste, water and chicken thighs.   Bring to a boil and then simmer for 3o minutes.


6 scotch bonnet peppers, cut into quarters

2 cups cabbage, thinly sliced

2 carrots, grated

1 onion, thinly sliced

4 whole cloves

1 tsp salt

10 red peppercorns

3 cups vinegar

Mix all ingredients together, then store in a jar for a day or two.   Refrigerate after first use.  Lasts forever.

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11 Responses to Haitian Poulet Creole with Pikliz

  1. Oh wow that’s spicy. But I’m still staying away from the dance floor. Great post.

  2. @ Rufus 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    Okay, I forwarded this to Shelagh and she forwarded to her son and some of his friends and they all agree the photos are fabulous and the recipe good except they are unanimous on one omission: “We are in agreement that she leaves out the “wash” with lime or sour orange”. Matt (son) suggests it is as much for cleaning as for flavor … Moi-meme, I’m making pikliz!

  4. Charissa says:

    Something about seeing colourful veggies on a plate makes me all excited to be he healthy… *giggle* So thanks for the inspiration!

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  7. Ted Luoma says:

    I was thinking about my trip to Haiti a couple of years ago and decided to look for a pikliz recipe. Looks great!

  8. Steve says:

    Looks amazing!

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