My New Camera’s Body

A couple of month’s after I started my blog I realized that my food photos, while pleasing family, friends and myself, were not what they could be.   Looking at the photos on Food Porn Daily and Taste Spotting, I grew dissatisfied.

I searched the internet for helpful hints on how to take better pictures.   This never concerned me before; I’m a women of a “certain age” and for all my lifetime the ability to take good pictures never seemed important until now.  If it wasn’t for a good friend, Kathy P., we wouldn’t even have pictures of our son’s childhood 🙂  Bad but true.

Anyway, I found this site:, and this site:, among others.

I discovered that  1) I needed to turn off my flash.  2) I should be concerned with props and backgrounds.  3) I should run all over the house like a idiot searching for a good source of light before the food cooled and withered.  4)  I needed a tripod to combat hand shakes.   5) While not optimal, it is possible to take pictures with a point and shoot.

Taking this advice, I began submitting photos to Taste Spotting.   Photo after photo came back rejected; lighting, composition, not sharp enough and I love this one, “not a compelling subject”.  I was discouraged.

I tried other sites,  Food Gawker, Food Gazing, Photo Grazing and began submitting to them as well.   My first success was with Food Gazing and while rejecting quite a few, they did publish more of my photos.

Still, I was not satisfied.   I wanted to be accepted by my first love, Taste Spotting, and I swore that if I could get one of my pictures accepted by each site, I would treat myself to a new camera.

Tastespotting finally published this:

The other sites soon fell in line and I started to think about my new camera.

Since my best advice came from the site Vegan Yum Yum and I so admire her photography, I decided to go with an updated model of her first DSLR camera, a Canon Rebel  and to only buy one lens, a 50mm/1.4f.   The Canon Rebel T2i is called an EOS 550D here in France.  While the camera is about the same price here as it is in the United States, the lens costs the earth!   That’s why you are only looking at the body.   I’m waiting for my husband to bring the lens.

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