Le Volant Restaurant: Offaly Good Food!

Soon after I moved to France, our son invited us to dinner at a Basque restaurant in Paris called Le Volant.  His friend, a fellow lover of those “nasty bits” recommended that we share a plate of duck hearts with bacon as an entree and that I, heretofore no lover of liver, have the tasting platter of calf’s liver, sweetbreads and veal kidneys.

This meal was probably the best meal I have had, ever, in Paris!  All the meats were cooked “rose”, not saignant(bloody) but “rose”.  Juicy and tender, the calf’s liver melted in your mouth, the kidneys luscious, and offering just that perfect amount of resistance to your teeth without being rubbery.   But the sweetbreads; pan fried crisp(croustillant) on the outside with a rich, moist center, made me consider applying for French citizenship:)

So of course when I returned to Paris this time, I wanted to go to the same restaurant and have the same thing.

So I did and I was not disappointed.

The boy had the largest veal chop I have ever seen in my life!  Mes amis!  Juicy and perfectly cooked, he enhanced it’s flavor with a light sprinkling of fleur de sel.   The potato puree was fluffy and buttery.

You would think that dessert would be out of the question?   Not.

Chocolate mousse

Cafe Gourmand

The wine was not memorable but I’m pretty sure it was red.

Sweetbreads on Foodista

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