April in Paris: Eating and Shopping

A lady from Niger once told me, “you eat alone, you die alone”…..   I’m still thinking about that one.  However I do enjoy eating with others, whether I’m cooking at home or eating out at a restaurant.   Eating with company is always a celebration.

When Jade and I go to Paris, we turn into a party of four with our son and his friend.   We all like food and are experienced, adventurous eaters.   Bring it on!

I think so many times in ethnic restaurants the cooks decide to “tone down” the ethnicity of their dishes in order to appeal to a wider clientele.  That’s really unfortunate for those of us who want authenticity in our food.   This chicken dish was good but it wasn’t really Thai, although we were in a Thai restaurant.   Bummer.

This is a sailing ship made entirely of cloves that was the center piece in a recently opened spice shop in Paris.   The shop is called Epices Roellenger and they have a quality selection of spices.  I found the elusive juniper and allspice berries here.   I’ve been looking for months.

They also gave me a catalog so that I can order spices for mail delivery in Sens.

It was fairly warm in Paris, mostly humid.   When the weather starts to heat up, the French switch to Rose.    I love this cute, round carafe.   It holds about a glass and a half.

I made my first, but not last, visit to Kioko, a Japanese supermarket.   I found soba, somen and udon noodles.   Yeah!   I also bought a small wooden ladle, sweet azuki beans, kombu, two miniature steamers, a basket and two shallow soup bowls.   They did not have an otoshi buta (drop lid) and suggested I use aluminum foil.

However, I was able to find this size 21 otoshi buta in a tiny Japanese grocer not far from the Korean restaurant where we had lunch.   Ha, ha, ha.   So happy.

Lunch was Korean and very good.   These pancakes were some of the best I’ve ever eaten.

This was a tempura-like mix of fried vegetables and seafood with a sesame sauce.   Mmm good.

Slices of pork with kimchi and they didn’t make “kimchi lite”.  Spicy!

Barbecued pork

Kimchi on Foodista

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  1. Laura says:

    What will you use your juniper for – making bathtub gin?? 🙂 Loved the spice shop shots …

  2. I think I wanted to make duck using juniper berries. It’s been a while but now that I have them, who knows.

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