Two Bentos

I found a few bento boxes in the garage and thought I’d pack a couple.   While I was making these, a friend stopped by.  She really thought it was a riot that I was packing a lunch in a Hello Kitty box.  I love entertaining the French.

First photo above:  Top left you have a juicy grape tomato with soy sauce quail eggs.   Bottom left, spicy sesame chicken and scallion vermicelli with extra sauce in the bottle.   To the right, gorgeous grapes from Spain.

Second photo:  Top from left:  Salmon rillettes, red pepper slices, soy sauce quail eggs, sesame beef.  Bottom from left:  Miso fish with a grape tomato, braised mushrooms with sesame seeds and white rice with furikake.

The second bento box was given to my husband by a friend from the Japanese Embassy who thought he should have a manlier bento box 🙂

Recipes used for the boxes:

Bento Box on Foodista

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