A French Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado and Reblochon Sandwich

I stumbled upon a site called Quest for 101.   The blogger was eating his way through the New York Magazine’s list of the best sandwiches in New York.  Some of them looked pretty good, like the sloppy joe Vietnamese sandwich and the crispy pork sandwich.

Well after all that sandwich gazing I wanted to make something too.   Of course it wouldn’t be anything like the New York sandwiches but France is not without resources.  With the warmer weather, the butcher/traiteurs are starting to offer cuts for grilling.   One of their favorites is thick sliced bacon or poitrine, usually with a spice or herb rub.

This gives “thick sliced” a new meaning!  You can either get your butcher to slice, really thick, a fresh bacon slab (not smoked) or you could do it yourself.  Then rub it with what you like.

This is the “barbecue” rub.   It’s reminiscent of the spices on Lay’s barbecue potato chips. Good thing I like that taste 🙂

Grilling bacon

I loaded the bacon on a fresh, crispy baguette from the who’s-in-the-know town bakery with avocado, lettuce, tomatoes and reblochon cheese.

Reblochon is a soft, mild, fondant like cheese that is also good to cook with.

Well, that’s it for our list!

Wine suggestion: Cote du Rhone

Bacon on Foodista

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  2. I never thought about grilling bacon, but I can tell you this looks amazing! I really want to try out this sandwich. Wonderful post.

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