It’s So Wrong! And Cod Fish Marinated in Miso

Whenever I talk to some people about Japanese food they say, “Oh yeah, I just love sushi”! It’s so annoying and it’s so wrong!  Sushi is just one type of Japanese cuisine!

In fact, not even the Japanese eat sushi everyday.   It’s expensive.  Good sushi is the equivalent of fois gras for the French and I guess, filet mignon for us Americans.  This misconception is so insulting to Japanese cuisine which is varied, artistic and flavorful.   Sushi is a part of that.  So guys (and you know who you are), go to a Japanese restaurant and order something else!  Please.   You’ll thank me.

My interest in Japanese food, blogs, and photography began with bento boxes.  Before that, though I had read Shogun, my Japanese food experience was limited to tempura and sukiyaki.  I didn’t know what the word blog meant, had a camera but didn’t know where it was.

One day, I don’t know why or how, I ended up on a site called “Cooking Cute”.   Well, of course I loved the name and the food was cute!   I fell into an obsession that has expanded from bento boxes through to deep end dining;  discovering something new practically everyday.

Maki over at Just Bento is my bento hero.   Her blog gave me an education in Japanese cuisine, showcased in tiny boxes.  It impressed me so much that I now make a lot of her recipes in big plates with big portions 🙂  But the most surprising thing was that my husband, who likes big plates with big portions, also liked taking a bento box to work and after getting used to the reduced quantity, began to appreciate quality and variety over quantity.  It’s a miracle!

The fish recipe I made today is from Just Bento with a couple of changes; I used sake for the wine and harissa for the paste.   If you would like to see the original recipe, go here:   Be sure to plan for the fish marinating overnight.

Cod Marinated in Miso and Harissa

1 lb cod or other fish
3 Tbs. white miso
1 Tbs. harissa
3 Tbs. sake
2 Tbs. sugar

Mix together all the ingredients except the fish until combined.

Put down a large piece of plastic. Spread the plastic with a layer of the marinade that is bigger than the surface area of the fish. Put a layer of paper towels on top of the marinade, then put the fish on top of that. Wrap the paper towels around the fish, then smear more marinade on top.

Wrap the fish up in the plastic securely – you may want to double-wrap it, put into a zip lock bag and leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

Peel away the plastic and paper towels.  Heat up a grill pan, brushed with a little oil. Cook on both sides until the fish is cooked through.

Miso on Foodista

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  1. Laura says:

    This looks wonderful and they have excellent cod at Eastern Market, so now I just have to get the other ingredients (no good stock in the DC apartment). Thanks!

  2. Recipe Chefs says:

    Excellent post thanks for sharing. Food is something I can enjoy all around. If I’m not eating it. I’m reading and looking at pictures about it.

    Rise n Shine Eggs – Breakfast Recipe

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