Chiquetaille Trio: Canape, Verrine and Salad

Four days have passed,  the chiquetaille (cod fish salad) is now ready to eat and you’re probably wondering what to do with it.   So was I.

I, inexplicably, made a double recipe so I ended up with two large jars of a great batch of chiquetaille.   Okay, one goes to M. & Mme Parret, no brainer.   Now what?

Our friend Laura had mentioned having an avocado puree ring with chiquetaille at a restaurant in Port au Prince.  Sounded pretty good!  I went to the Carrefour City and got some supplies.

I thought I’d start out with most typical way of serving chiquetaille; with cocktails.   Spread it on a crusty baguette or toasted bread, serve it with a mellow glass of 5 star Barbancourt, put on the meringue music and you’re there.   Haiti Cheri.

Chiquetaille “bruschetta”.

Second course.   Verrines layered with chiquetaille, avocado and creme fraiche, accompanied by a crisp, refreshing Macon-Village.   Elegant.

Third Course.   Chiquetaille on a bed of iceberg lettuce with tomatoes and avocados.

Chiquetaille cocktail.

Beverage suggestion:  Place Barbancourt rum, Johnnie Walker Red, Prestige beer and a Macon-Village with glasses and a bowl 0f lime wedges, on tables around the room.

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