Jade’s Strawberry Tart

Jade and I have been fascinated and, yes, confused by the number of different prepackaged pastry crusts they have here; pate brisee, pate feuilletee, pate sable and brick.   As she is on vacation until March 6th, she wanted to try her hand at making desserts with the different kinds of pastries.

Last week we went to the bookstore and bought a recipe book for tartes.   Yes, I know, we have a lot of cookbooks already in both French and English…..   You can never have too many.

This is a nice little cookbook that has recipes both uncomplicated and quick.   As a novice, Jade was looking for a tarte recipe with just a few steps and also one that, when prepared, she would enjoy eating.  Strawberry tarte it was.

Today was Saturday and the market was open and we found some large, sweet, delicious strawberries from Spain;  some big, seedless purple grapes from Spain and some tangerines from Israel that have nothing to do with this post, but I’m just saying.

The recipe called for small strawberries(gariguettes) which were to be used whole.   The large variety was the only kind in the market so we cut them in half.

The recipe called for pate feuilletee which means puff pastry, I just discovered!

It comes rolled up in parchment paper, ready to place in your pie plate.   I love this!

No cutting the shortening into the flour, no rolling out and trying to figure out how thick or thin.   Pure enjoyment!

Jade’s Strawberry Tarte

1 roll of ready made puff pastry or homemade

600 grams of small strawberries or large, cut in half

200 grams of creme fraiche or thick sour cream

2 tbsp of powdered sugar

For Caramel sauce

5 cl balsamic vinegar

50 grams of powder sugar

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make the caramel sauce first by mixing the balsamic vinegar and 50 grams of sugar together in a small saucepan.  Slowly, bring to a boil and allow to cook for 4-5 minutes.   Remove from flame and allow to cool.

Line a pie plate with parchment paper and arrange the pastry on top.  Put another piece of parchment paper on top of the pastry and weight it down with dried beans.  Cook the pastry for 15-18 minutes.   Remove from the oven and carefully take the shell out of the pie plate with the help of the parchment paper.   Remove beans and papers,  then put the pastry shell back into the pie plate.  Allow to cool.

With a spoon, mix the creme fraiche and powdered sugar until well blended.  Spread this mixture onto the bottom of the pie shell.   Arrange washed and stemmed strawberries on top.  Drizzle caramel sauce over the top.

Bravo Jade!

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  2. Jade, what a super tarte. It looks delicious!!

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