Mesquite Marinated “Bin” Pork Steaks

Every Wednesday and Friday, Carrefour Supermarket fills up a refrigerated bin with pre-cut packages of meats, fish and poultry that they couldn’t sell the day before.  The packages, many times, are doubled and you pay the price on top for both packages.

The meat and fish look good!  As if you had bought them when they were first packaged, then left them in the fridge for a day.  I can live with that,  and a deal is a deal.  You just have to get there early in the morning before those sharp elbowed French ladies arrive to monopolize the bin.

I’ve found double packages of salmon(beautiful), lamb chops, steaks and chicken breasts.  I wish I had an “American” freezer because the freezer section in my “American” refrigerator is jam packed!

For several years now, whenever my husband goes to the States for conferences or whatever, he brings back different ready to use marinades in ziplock containers.  These are great!   I think this marketing idea started out with barbecue sauces and then expanded to Asian and other ethnic marinades.  I usually salt, pepper and garlic powder and then  just open the package, pop the meat, fish or poultry inside, ziplock and massage, then refrigerate until ready to cook.   It’s quick, not messy and tastes good.  Jack Daniel’s is not the only brand, it’s just the one I found in the drawer.  These are good, sturdy bags and you can wash them for later use with your own marinade.

Lovely pork steaks thawing on the heater

I cooked these in the oven at 425 for 35 minutes.   I’m not grilling this winter because the barbecue men are not here, it’s cold outside and the charcoal is in the cellar.  Somebody has yet to hook up my gas grill.  Somebody.

Wine suggestion:   Have these with a sparkling wine.  I like Prosecco from Italy.  It’s inexpensive in the States (not here in France) and is as good as a decent French cremant.


Note to New York family:  Go over to that liquor store on Main Street in Honesdale.

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  1. Kevin Mullally says:

    Soo, where’s mine????? I’m going over to Chez Fatou for the usual (best thing they have) – fish brochettes.

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