Bacon Explosion

Weave a bacon mat with 2lbs of bacon
Layer 1lb of homemade Italian sausage
on the bacon weave

Spread 1lb of crispy fried bacon on the
sausage layer and top bacon with BBQ Sauce
Tightly roll up the sausage layer
with the crispy bacon inside.

Cute hands.  Tightly roll bacon mat around
sausage layer tucking in ends.  Secure with
toothpicks if necessary 

Grill using indirect heat with top on

Indirect heat on a grill means that you light the charcoal and when the coals are ready, you shove them all to one side, placing the food on the side without coals.  It took about an 1 hr and 15 minutes.   Baste the loaf with BBQ sauce for the last 15 minutes.   Remove the loaf from the fire, let rest and slice.   You can eat this like a regular meatloaf or in a sandwich.
The bacon explosion is a hardcore pork eater’s idea of nirvana(mentioning no names).   I liked making it more than eating it.
I had a horrible time formatting these pictures, as you can see.   To avoid a massive stroke, I gave up on the last demonstration picture.  The Blogger formatting system is not user friendly like Word.   I’m going to have to figure it out or change to WordPress.

Photography:   Brian         

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  1. Jade says:

    j'ai trouver ca enorme quand on l'a manger,mais quand meme c'etait bon( mmm…

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